bratty me and other joys

this week has been sort of weird. i've been working more than normal (waitressing, bleh) to save up money for upcoming trips. also, i am annoyed with my hub right now...i'm sure this happens to the best of us, and i forget all about it during the times when i am feeling great toward him which is most of the time. then for a little while i get irritable about him and things that he does and feel oddly disconnected. and call him selfish and decide at the last minute not to accompany him places. so...that's where i'm at today, just a little public announcement of my brattiness.

anyway, nice things have also happened this week. like....

these kids are here!
my sister-in-law amy is in town with my nephews and niece for almost three weeks.
sorry for the messy house (pile of thrifted clothes!)
when the kids are here, i don't think about anything else.
bella the artist. she is also prepared to be my newest etsy model.

also addie and i went to the wednesday night farmer's market and visited our friend farmer greg.
and got some of his delicious organic cherries.

and while joey and emily have been out of town, i've been taking care of their babies.
woody the fly-hunter:
and camilla, who loves to relax on bare skin:

today is cloudy and it's my one day off. so i'm bummed but i've still got a lot of special activities in store for the next three days, so check back in for a more upbeat accounting of heather's june life.

how are you all doing???


This definitely happens to the best of us, hehe :) I hope you get to enjoy some sun this weekend!
I am very busy with work as well. I was given more responsibilty with no training and no extra pay yay. Moving to my boyfriends apartment in early July too, so lots going on at home as well! Packing, sorting, packing, purging, & more packing!
Those are some super cute cats! So cuddly. I love the coloring of woody fly-hunter :)
Teenysparkles said…
I am so glad it isn't just me that has great periods of bliss with my husband, and occasionally a grumpy (crappy) can't think of anything good time. Oh well, we live in harmony most of the time; and I'm pretty sure you do too. Cute kids!
Kaylie said…
I just read your comment about Godard and Anna Karina--we really are kindred spirits, aren't we? Thanks for the film recommendations! I can't wait to see more.
Milla said…
Why yes it happens to all of us. Man just five minutes ago I was annoyed with Charlie 'cos he wanted to stay at a party and I wanted to leave. Sometimes I can be so petty and bratty I even annoy myself. So you're in good company ;)

Big hugs hope your weekend gets better!
marika said…
I bet it's nice to have kitties around since yours went missing (although probably equally heart-rending). Those cherries look yummy! Don't get too worn out at work; hopefully a reprieve is soon around the bend!
Missa said…
Sorry to hear your week was a bit of a bummer and yes, getting annoyed with husbands from time to time, I'd say, is basically unavoidable, we've all been there!

Glad to see your getting to spend time with these cutie kids and cuddly creatures though!
Cel said…
In the words of a Whitesnake song... (I admit, I like 80's hairmetal, haha) "I know that even in a summer love, a little bit of rain must fall."

I'm doing both wonderfully and horribly. I'm going on vacation in less than 3 weeks - yay! - but the days up to it are becoming absolutely torturous. I really, really, really hate my job - I work in an office - and I'm having the hardest time motivating myself to even show up mornings anymore. But my two weeks off will be absolutely glorious and I'm hoping just as rejuvinating.

I'm really happy too because one of my pets, a baby western hognose snake, finally ate last evening after nearly 100 days of being off-feed. I was worried I'd have to have him put down, but now the little guy is eating and well and I feel like a mum who's child said their first word, hah.

I hope you cheer up and the sun comes out for you!
anne said…
it is normal. you can't really appreciate the good times if you haven't gone through some bad times. this definitely happens to all of us. i guess it's just part of spending a lot of time with someone. as you know, it will pass. hang in there! :D

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