Naiads and River Nymphs

this was the fairytale setting...

of our wonderful photo shoot at the river today.
and these are the girls and the clothes!
i loved the assortment today because it covers all eras and styles from the 50s to the 90s, from fancy to frisky.

yours truly,
me in my silly boho hat.

a big thanks to the lovely girls: lesley, jackie, emily and our newcomer, megan!
gals, you're stunning and oh so fun.

watch for updates of all these pretties in my shop!


Cel said…
That looks like so much! I wish I had friends willing to do this sort of thing with me, hah. What a beautiful place too... I need to get out into nature more! And I think you look cute in your hat :)
Andrea said…
what cute river nymphs! such style!

great pics too... i think I asked already but did you get a new camera? i love the quality, so lovely & clear!
Amy Beatty said…
What a fun beautiful day. You look like a photographer in all black.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely day...and location....and girls....and photographer!
Milla said…
You girls are just too lovely for words, other-worldly indeed. And oh for the lacy bonnet!
Nicky said…
Not only are your pictures fantastic... but I LOVE the names you give the clothes in your shop... I might try and be a little more creative now :) thanks. I did name one of my purses for sale- haha

Love this post!!!!
Missa said…
I wish I lived closer so I could be one of your models, it looks like so much fun!
missa that would be my dream come true!!!
oh, and andrea! not sure if you're going to check these but i've been using darin's "work" camera for film projects for his little company Cinema Caldera. it's a canon rebel T2i and i love it so much; it has completely revived my interest in photography. i don't know much about it or how to get creative with it but once i get my own i'm totally putting in some serious devotion to photography.
Caroline said…
Seriously wishing I could be nearby to join in this fun! Such a serene setting and an awesome batch of clothing!
Kelsie Lynn said…
love all the new outfits they're so great!

ps. sorry about your cat :( I actually know how you feel big time. my little one got run over by a car.

Andrea said…
thanks! seriously the photos are stunning :) I'm saving pennies for a "good" camera one day too!

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