Flea Market Flights of Fancy

Memorial day weekend, we went to a flea market in the tiny historic town of El Dorado.

The town is famous for being the home of local favorite watering hole, Poor Red's.
It was a gorgeous sunday with spring blooms in full blossom everywhere...
..and treasures galore. We got this beaded belt buckle for a late birthday present for Art.
Personally, I am a sucker for antique photographs...
and also, I'm determined to bring the bonnet back into fashion.
(Darin isn't so sure it's going to work...)
Darin was pretty stoked on some old sci-fi books.
There was the cutest little country-western band with a 93 year old lady playing mandolin.

And as the day grew warmer, a strawberry/raspberry sno-cone was the perfect treat!

It was a good little jaunt away from the neighborhood so I could try to get my mind off my missing cat for a while. (it's still breaking my heart...)
I wore my newly hemmed dress from an Etsy shop called Mr. Idaho's Vintage which is chock-full of my favorite kinds of 70's dresses for insanely great prices.

Here are some of the things I picked up:
a scrapbook started in 1967 filled up with delightful vintage cards and ephemera and offering a mysterious glimpse into the world of a little girl named Kim Major.

like so:

some rad boots:

and Portugal kitchen linens: (darin's portuguese and i like the bright colors)

I got a few more clothing items but I'll save those for other posts!
And now it is June...and I am wishing you sublime summer days.


Teenysparkles said…
How wonderful that you found that scrapbook! Someone's memories!
ZombieLace said…
How perfect!! That sounds like my ideal day. I also love old photographs and relics from people's lives in the past, especially when they have a name attached to them and you can try to imagine the real person! I wonder where Kim Major is now? Also, I wish you had bought those amazing victorian shoes glimpsed in the first photograph.
whit said…
First, Heather you're beautiful. And second, looks like you got a ton of cool stuff. What a wonderful way to spend your weekend!
boots said…
oh my what great finds! i m running a snow cone machine this weekend for an MS bike ride event! so excited! free snow cones all day long!
anne said…
how fun! i too, love bonnets. they're so feminine!
your dress is so awesome!!!! i love the sleeves. and since i'm talkin' about awesome...the country trio! i really wish i could have been there listening to them. the lil lady on mandolin is seriously the coolest!

i'm glad you dug my contest. i always like those kind of quizzes, actually i'm sort of addicted to any kind of trivia. i'll be doing more in the future :D
Missa said…
Oh, how I love flea market season! We have a pretty good one that happens just a few blocks from our house once a month and I think it's actually going on this Sunday, woohoo! Your pictures have me all excited now. Those BOOTS, so rad, and your dress is amazing, how cute are you in the bonnet too... my mother-in-law just gave me an old red floral calico one, we should totally bring them back!
Andrea said…
I knew I liked Darin! I'm portuguese too. I have a fascination with the Portuguese relationship to the brightly colored rooster they always put on everythign!
Milla said…
Oh that dress is so so beautiful! I love how easily you can wear things like that and not look like a re-enactor. The bonnet is just a much needed addition, I'll help you, and bloomers too, I've been wanting to wear those in public for years.

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