where do the children play?

right now it's midnight and my throat actually hurts...
 from laughing and swinging so much and singing so loud at the park tonight.
we sang every song we could think of, from "the boxer," to "making love out of nothing at all," to "a few of my favorite things."
and we sang loud, i mean LOUD and with feeling.
also for a long time, while the boys blasted back to the 90s with hacky sack:

while we simply did what girls do best. that is, sit in a circle on a quilt and gab.
and drink brown shugga, which is kind of my favorite beer right now.
and also take crazy pictures of ourselves and laugh so hard we cried.
i'll leave out the ridiculous racy ones (!) but here are a few more cuties:

also, you should read my brother's mikie hilarious blog post on the tie-dye revolution.
just cause you'll pee your pants.

i can't believe we went from gray rainy snuggle days,
to sundresses at midnight and a fan in the window days.
this year is crazy.
this june is crazy.
and i guess i'm ready for it, how about you?


Teenysparkles said…
Woohoo! What a happy post! (It doesn't seem so long ago that it was warm and sunny here...sigh, the rain has begun - I shall live vicariously in sunny times - through your posts!)
ZombieLace said…
How cute are you and your friends!! I love these muggy summer nights, I think your verse at the end captures the feeling well. You never think it will actually become summer when you're in the depths of winter! Yet here it is!
Anonymous said…
I'm totally ready for June! You and your friends look like you had a ball. Nothing like park playing and beer drinking during the summer!
boots said…
awesome night! i love playing on playground at night, its the BEST. and your brother is HA-larious. i love him now too!
this screams summer! carefree nights spent with friends are the best.
Amy Beatty said…
I can just imagine you girls singing and giggling away. What a fun summer night.
Astral Boutique said…
this verse at the end is the official Song Of This June. this is the perfect blog post- it makes me feel alive, inspired, and silly as a string. xoxoxox!!!!! (-;
anne said…
what a blast! it looks like the perfect night.
i HAVE to find me some brown shugga! i've never seen it before. i wonder if it's even sold down here?
Milla said…
You guys are so so cute and adorable. Swinging, hackysackeying, kid-like, what a bunch of friends!

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