Interview at the Citizen Rosebud

Hey friends! Check out my interview over at one of my favorite sassy fashion blogs, The Citizen Rosebud created by the amazing Bella Q. (you should follow her blog. she has the quirkiest style and knows all the fun haps in sacramento)

i'm quite proud to be featured and i'd be thrilled if you'd go check it out.

and just to clarify, that top photo of the interview post is my lovely sister, adrienne...but i did take it!



Teenysparkles said…
How sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!
bellisimama said…
i loved the interview. anne of green gables is a style icon of mine, too! puffed sleeves!!!
Hey! Thanks so much for doing the interview, Heather. I love the pic that I thought was you but is your sis, i don't want to take it down! You've got great flair and spirit and I hope more people come check out your blog! xo. -Bella Q
boots said…
hehe what a lovely feature. you're too cute and an inspiration to me !
Missa said…
Aw, loved your interview, your answers were so good, and you are a favorite too my dear! Keep the exuberance alive!

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