Tuesdays in my Town - the Bookery

this is the new joint where i work:
the Bookery on Main Street in Placerville.
and i'm not sure if you can tell from the outside, but it just happens to be one of the best used bookstores in the world! (even marya who lives in paris agrees)

at a glance, it might look like a tiny place. but inside it is a maze of wonderfulness that just keeps going and going.
it is very easy to get lost for hours in this maze of incredible books.
darin came by when i was at work the other day and photographed some of his favorite sections, i.e.brautigan below.
the bathroom is papered in bookmarks and ephemera lost inside all the used books they buy.
travel section, just a bit of it.

this is jackie the dog. she is a bookstore dog and the best girl, and there's a shy cat named goldie too.

one of the coolest things about the bookery is that two wise and wonderful women own it.
and they want to teach me.
here they are: celia in lavender in the back, nancy with curly hair front right. that's caroline in coral, who is their go-to lady and nancy's co-book-buyer.
they created this place and have owned it for 27 years; they even own the building.
their ambition and determination inspires me, and i will frankly admit i am proud to be a part of such a magical place!
oh....and i can wear whatever i want ;)


amanda said…
NO FAIRS! I'll trade you!
bellisimama said…
oh, i loooove used book stores. that one looks so nice! i think i've been there, too! my cousins live in placerville (they are all old ladies, so i doubt you know them) and when i was younger i used to visit them a lot. i love placerville and that area.
marika said…
Congratulations! It looks like the perfect fit for you!
Amy Beatty said…
I'm so excited for you Heather. It is the perfect job for you. Do you have better hours, or is there still crazy early morning hours like 5am?
Teenysparkles said…
Yay for being able to wear whatever you want, surrounded by books and wise ladies! This post made me sigh in awe that such a cool job exists. I've been thinking about what kind of job I may end up doing once my babies are both at school....and i dread having to re-enter the corporate world. Hopefully I won't have to.
What a fantastic place! Looks like the perfect fit, full of treasures and mysteries. I wish I still worked at the little used bookstore I worked at in highschool.
Man I miss those days!
Way cool that you have no dress code :)
Courtney said…
Congratulations! That looks like a wonderful place for you, and such a special place in general. I love that there's a bookstore dog and cat. Work places with pets are definitely better than those without.
Missa said…
How awesome Heather! This place sounds absolutely perfect for you, and I can almost smell the scent of old books looking at these pics, mmmm...

The maze-like alcoves and tall overstuffed shelves with books vertically and then horizontally reminds me of being inside Treehorn here on 4th St.

Oh, and I always love when bookstores have resident dogs or cats! Way long ago there was a cat (named Eudora? I think) that lived in the used bookstore in downtown Sebastopol, ring any bells?
ZombieLace said…
What a magical place! Who wouldn't love to wear whatever pleases them and get lost in the smell of good books all day? You got it good, gal!
i can postively smell the books! what a lovely place to work. congrats!
Marya said…
yay! what a wonderful place with such a beautiful energy to it! i LOVE going there and am sure to pay a visit every time i'm in town. maybe next time i'll bump into you! do you dream of opening your own bookstore one day?
boots said…
oh what a dream to work in a book store! and a cool one at that! i love stores that have their own dogs and cats ! so home like!
Milla said…
yayayay! I'm so happy for your new job and want to come browse there so bad! Your outfits will obviously increase sales ;)
Tina Dawn said…
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments on my posts about Chinatown & Benham Pville & Breastfeeding. They made my morning.I love comments like yours.I was happy to hear that you once lived on Quartz Alley, too bad you don't still,you could walk to work in seconds.I will have to come into the Bookery and say hi. I have known Celia & Nancy for years & years and worked with Celia too at one time.She knows my son Josh who was in the breastfeeding photos.Show her the post,she would get a kick out of it.I am very good friends with the people who originally started the Bookery in a different location. I would get in there more but have arthritis & can't walk that great anymore but I am going to show up limping someday and say hi to you. Thanks again for reading my posts and our "sisterly" blog. I am enjoying yours now that I found it. I love to read your enthusiastic young & vibrant posts.Loved your post about the mountains, & your shadow/rock picture! Tina

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