all over the whole wide world

we are leaving for a week long road trip tomorrow! so excited to try this with our baby; my mind keeps racing with possible scenarios as i try to envision what it will be like for us. we will be doing a mix of camping, couch-surfing, and motelling, from mountain to desert to beach very much like this unforgettable trip when the tiny sprout had just started inside me, when she was just a twinkle in my eye.

speaking of the tiny sprout, she is not so tiny these days! she is nine months old, on the prowl, and proud of it. she pulls up on everything, including her little wooden chair upon which she promptly fell and hurt her lip, first little ouchie :( she is busy busy busy, always alert to anything new and interesting. 

the days are warm and full and i fall into bed exhausted. it is fun work but it sure keeps me busy; lucy loves it when i come up with new stuff for her to enjoy, like bubbles:

though they freaked this guy out a little...

or letting her pull everything out of this storage drawer under her crib:

or an afternoon at the brewery:

she waves at everything and everyone these days, the trees, the moon, new friends, her cats.

she also gets super excited and pants with enthusiasm when she sees something that delights her, which is often.

ever since she was a newborn she would stick her arms and legs out straight and quiver with excitement. 

a visit with cousin utah, counting his little toesies.

being mommy's modeling assistant for our etsy shop:
(for this one we made it a game, timer on two seconds, a mad dash!)

and last but not least...looks like it's bathing suit season :)

sunshine, water, a stripey crab skirt suit, is sweet.
i hope you all have a marvelous week full of adventures and i'm sure i'll be back with stories to tell ;)


Rachel Weaver said…
my goodness, she is CUTE. Her overalls are amazing and you two glow with each other.
Amy Beatty said…
holy moly!!too much goodness for my heart!she is growing into a real live little puppy dog!! It is so one of my favorite stages. I love little trouble bugs emptying drawers and scooting through the dirt and then coming back at me so delighted and proud. Pure fun and joy! she is the cutest thing EVER! just the perfect doll. Her bathing suit rump is to die for! and the greatest pic is the one of her and ut with pops - adorable to the MAX! You are going to die in heaven on your trip! sounds so amazing and fun. And you need to do it has much a possible. I didn't think Matt and I could ever slow down on our trips but the sad truth is the bigger the kids get the harder it is. Matt and I are totally depressed over it(new knowledge to us too). And don't worry we totally go as much as we can but its hard when they are in school, and they are all in school and now its baseball season and they are all in that. We are having tons of fun with that though. There is a time and a season for everything :) love you guys. have fun and be safe and I can't wait to see the pics and hear your fabulous stories xoxo
Heidi Ann said…
Can't wait to hear about your trip , and I will never tire of looking at photos of that adorable baby girl of yours!
yay!! i love when you go trippin, because living vicariously through you when you return is the best! and i'm also stoked for you to go with your new family configuration, mama on the road! lucy quadruples with cute every time i see her. that bubble pic is my fave and hellooooo sweet unicorn onesie. you know, fern used to pump her arms and legs with enthusiasm too...we have a few pics of her in the bjorn, all smiley and limbs blurry. now she still does a version of the same...we call it her tapdance...and she does it whenever she can't stand the excitement.

can't wait to "meet" you two and have a great trip! xo
dolly anna said…
so cute so cute so cute.
i love her overalls.
i feel like i see a tiny bit of joey in her face, but what do i know about the subtleties of the beatty gene pool?

she has the plumpiest thighs, i love them. those etsy shots are the BEST, you and her doing a selfie photo shoot.

a trip! have sooo much fun!
we just came home from a big trip, and let me tell you, we/are/tired. :)

Jenna E said…
Our babes are the CUTEST!! Willow and I would love to be playing outside with you guys. But nope, it's snowing!! Gross eh?

I hope you guys have the greatest trip. I can't wait to hear all about it xoxox
Tera said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tera said…
Have fun on your road trip!!! I love Lucy's outfit!!! I love yours!!!! Baby girls in bathing suits are the best, she is so adorable! We are still waiting for things to warm up in Oklahoma, freezing here. You look amazing!!!!
Heather said…
so sweet love the picture of you throwing her up in the air!! what a sweet baby you have enjoy every second of her!! Love Heather
Milla said…
Have so much fun! I know you will of course. I'm so proud of you guys just embracing traveling with babies. Some day soon ya'll better travel to our shores. Love
Celeste said…
What a precious, precious little girl! <3 Make sure your furniture is tied down because she'll be walking soon, and that's when the fun really begins!! ;)
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