double sweets

we didn't really do anything for valentine's day. we figured pretty much the most romantic thing you can do together is conceive a child, and we've already done that. hallelujah!!! all of life is a celebration in that case.

with a baby in your belly, it all feels double sweet.
speaking of doubles, here are my two valentine's day outfits.

this first one for work centered around some new favorites. again, the stretch pant queen! teeny all the way over in new zealand, gifted me a pair of 80s leggings, my choice, from etsy! what a sweetie. these heart-print beauties arrived just in time for the big v-day.

i wore them with a gorgeous pink beaded gypsy scarf from missa, and a pretty white tunic that came in my first-ever package, way-back-when, from milla.

look at these babies. that's what i'm talking about! in my next few posts i'll show the cute ones i got from anne and missa too.

we went out to dinner and i wanted to get a teensy bit dressed up, even though the "fancy" restaurant where we were going to eat ended up being closed on tuesdays, (who's closed on valentine's day?!) so we went to our usual mexican food joint.
anyway, i put on this dress which is much more clingy than my usual, and asked darin, truly...what do you think? too tight? too much? he was like, nah, not if you want to show off that cute pregnant belly!
it was really popping out that eve. sometimes it's bigger than others, so weird. i LOVE to see the changes.

the dress was a gift from brigit. the little lacy pink shrug was a gift from anne
thank you sweet girls!

later we chilled at home, watched a movie called Meek's Cutoff  directed by Kelly Reichardt which i highly recommend and had popcorn with nutrional yeast, our favorite. watching a great film together is one of the best romantic activities, really, cause you get to engage your whole heart and brain.

doesn't hurt when the imagery is this beautiful either.

hope you all had a sweetness-filled day.

outfit one:
leggings: from this etsy shop, gifted by teeny
white tunic: gifted from milla
tan ruffle sweater: thrifted years ago
pink scarf: gifted from missa
boots: thrifted years ago
red pouch necklace: handmade gift from milla with something special inside
earrings: handmade gift from em

outfit two:
dress: free people, gift from brigit
pink shrug: gift from anne
bamboo tights: ordered online a couple years ago
shoes: thrifted
triangle necklace: handmade, gift from mom
lavender necklace: made by my sis
earrings: made by em


Anonymous said…
Oh, look at you! All sweet shades of pink and purple like the lovely flower you are. It warms my heart to hear you and your honey had a beautiful day.

I wanted to thank you for the comment you left on my most recent blog post. You're wonderful straight through.

Amanda said…
I just love you two and am sooo happy that you are grjowing that little baby! Happy Valentine's to you!
Anonymous said…
you are always so beautiful, but doubly so in this post! how is the 2nd trimester? you have this look of settled in fullness and radiance...i remember that feeling now...where being pregnant becomes less new and more of what IS. i love all your outfits so much in this post and your hair is also looking lush. (and SO happy you are the legging queen now!).

what did you think of meek's? i really loved it, especially the end, the way i thought the whole movie was about something else, and then the end really illuminates the core of the story. the wikipedia entry tells of their fate

valentine's day would seem to be YOUR day, you are such a lover of life. xoxox
ooh i love that dress. i forgot i sent it to you! my advice? wear alot of clingy stuff while you are pregnant. it looks amazing, first of all and second? even if you are one of the lucky ones whose body bounces back quickly after the baby is born (i am not a lucky one! lol)you will likely not want to wear anything super clingy around your tummy for a while. so live it up! so
anne said…
that little babe sure is a growin'! i love the stretch pants from teeny, how sweet of her to get you a pair on etsy! and the pink shrug looks just perfect on you.

i totally agree with brigit. show off that belly!

i'll have to check out this movie, it looks like one we'd like.
Bridget said…
I've been wanting to see that movie for awhile! Can't resist a good pioneer drama. :-)

The belly is looking adorable btw!
Celynne said…
That dress looks gorgeous on you! Absolutely beautiful and sweet, what a lovely mama-to-be. I really dig the wicked print on it, an the pink shrug is so cute :)
Still Blooming said…
That's right! Show off that cute pregnant belly Mama :)
Andrea said…
sounds like a perfect evening to me!

Thank you also Heather for your response--regarding my coffee inquiry. I find what you said so fascinating (and reassuring)! I'd love to hear more about some of the health/emotional experiences you are having. I'm not sure when D. and I will begin trying, but I am having lots of "those" feelings... so I think soon. I'd love to have some wisdom of a lovely lady such as yourself to help prepare me for what might come. My Mom is absolutely no help, i was her fourth and from what she says everything was either easy or a blur :) ha ha!
Missa said…
You look absolutely gorgeous in the clingy dress with that little belly poking out! So beautiful, and man can you rock the stretch pants mama!

We've had Meek's Cutoff floating around in our watch instantly que for a little while now, time to watch it I think! Lucas and I love watching movie's together too, hence the humongous tv ;)
Teeny said…
Hey sweetie, ALL of those clothes look amazing on you, and so glad you chose the hearts leggings, they're so adorable and you deserve them on your legs! Legs is a funny word if you write it often enough btw. Legs, eggs, leggy, legitimate. yup i'm going crazy obviously. Happy Valentines, I love couples that celebrate it, no matter how big or small they do it, love is grand.
sanya said…
Thank you for your response on my posts, youre so sweet. Alessi was incredible as you probably know and her new album is beautiful. Such a small world that your sister and her are friends, it seems like such a wonderful thing to be surrounded by talented musicians. Oh! and your hair is gorgeous even if we share a kooky cowlick :)

Your valentines day looks like the perfect of festivities and could you have a cuter place to stay in? Love all the books! Adorable couple as well!
Heather said…
You look super cute Mama to Be :) and oh boy I remember especially with my first pregnancy I lived in leggings they were my best friend hehehe ~Happy Valentines ~ love Heather :)
Violet Folklore said…
I've said before and I'll say it again- that shrug is a DREAM! You look darling. I adore the last photo, you and the papa all snuggled up. Love.
Lauren Knight said…
Oh, look at you! You are radiant! You are making me miss being pregnant. Love your whole blog too.
Geny said…
You look beautiful and glowing with that precious life growing inside glad you are enjoying this pregnancy!!
Milla said…
Love dove! What a cute and cozy scene and your tummy is so beautifully on parade. And your leggins collection, of course. I can't wait to hear what you think of Old Joy and Wendy and Lucy, I've been meaning to do a little post about Kelly Reichardt and a couple of other female auteurs in this genre and this might just be the push I needed. Happy Movie Nights!
oh man, that belly is jus' right for tight stretchy dresses. do not. hold. back. ever! you are so beautiful.

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