last week we took a fun little day trip to berkeley. lucy loved it there, from the minute we got out of the car she was just utterly entranced.

the purpose of our trip was for darin to go to our friend jamie's play put on by the inferno theater company. why didn't i go to the play too, you may ask? well i have a seven month old baby and yes, she is good, but i'm not sure she could sit quietly through an hour and a half play in close quarters. so i dropped darin off and then lucy and i headed back to telegraph. 

we shopped at amoeba and buffalo exchange until meeting up with my brother mikie (yay!) who was in the bay area for the weekend as well.

it's kind of funny being in the "big city" with a baby. i was feeling vulnerable and a bit more sketched out by the berkeley scene than before. (in case you've never been there, the sidewalks are full of a ragtag homeless community of druggies, dogs, panhandlers, rebels...many of them aggressive toward passersby) there was a homeless lady calling out cackly insults and crazy talk right by where i parked my car and i felt the need to hold my arms tight around lucy in her carrier. then when i was going to pick up darin i asked my brother to walk us to our car. it turned out that joey and emily were also in berkeley visiting friends are their way to the leonard cohen concert in oakland, and we all met up at a cafe so i left lucy with em while i ran to pick up darin. even though she was in such trusted, good hands, i was still nervous! it had to do with the crazy energy of telegraph avenue. but if was fun hanging out at cafe mediterraneum having baklava and coffee drinks and beers.

lucy felt like such a beatnik.

finally getting to meet brittney! one of her biggest fans on instagram :)

but most exciting of all was getting to hang out with mikie, who we don't see as often since he lives in LA, and who makes lucy feel like a star.

as well as his sweet lady marisa, who charmed lucy with a kiss...

it was a great day; i got some cute vintage stuff at buffalo exchange and some board books for lucy at shakespeare and co. plus we had the new bonnie prince billy to listen to all the way home. lucy slept on the drive and we felt like an adventuresome little family, talking quietly in the car and driving through the dark valley, getting home late.

(sorry there's no pictures of me in this post, i have to get better at handing someone my camera and making them take pictures...it is odd to feel this obligation to my blog readers but somehow i do...i should show up in person too, as if to prove i was there, haha!)


Milla said…
I've been poring over my mother's pictures from when she was young and I was little and I gotta say, some day Lucy will be proud and awestruck and a little surprised by how cool her folks are and all the awesome places she got to go in the time that escapes then perhaps her memory, Your lil fam rocks!

Ps. I was super moved by your house/home comment. I loved your little home and look forward to every glimpse and future visit.
dolly anna said…
yes. sketch plus baby equals: places are different with little babies. vulnerable.

i think lucy would've made it through the play. :)

so glad mikey can get a lil lucy love! i know i want some more. xo
Teeny said…
Isn't it astounding how becoming mama's changes us and our perception of the big ole world?! As soon as that precious being is born, we are moved to protect her, no matter what. And see all sorts of possibilities, both promising and fearful for them. I find myself extra jittery and skittish with the kids when we are somewhere that I'm not used to. I can imagine the worry on your face and the fast beating of your heart while you faced such worries on Telegraph St. I would have been exactly the same. Girl, you should've heard me worrying about Oscar walking the walls with Steve at Sutro baths....the sea looked like it was ready to jump up and grab my boy of those walls. I had to walk away with Mia and look elsewhere in order to calm down. I love Lucy's head scarf. xo
lasophia said…
Wooooooowww she is getting so big! Sounds like she had a great time in bezerkely. I bet it made her even happier you were her mom hehe.
Tera said…
Love lil Beatnik Lucy! I feel nervous leaving August in good hands, still do and it's been almost 11 months...it is just weird leaving baby, so use to her being with me. Still haven't left her for longer than 20 minutes, ha! Haven't been able to bring myself to do that yet :)

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