away we go....

i couldn't just leave for a week without saying good-bye! 
darin and i are heading up to fort bragg for a little getaway, pretty much our last one as a twosome :)

here is what i wore yesterday: a vintage Young Edwardian dress i got for a steal from etsy right when i found out i was pregnant. i utterly love the appliqued flower on the belly. 
i had to wait to wear it until a day that did not require a sweater, because of the little ties at the shoulder.

it even has pockets! my favorite.

at my obgyn appointment on monday i measured "small." this is based on the fundal measurement; the doctor simply takes a measuring tape and measures from the bottom of the uterus (pelvic area) to the fundus, or the top of the uterus. i've now gained 22 pounds, so we knew my own growth was right on schedule ;) but wanted to make sure that our sweet baby is growing okay in there. so we postponed our trip by a day and i went in this morning for an ultrasound to make sure everything with little girl was right on schedule.
and....hooray! she is fine. she weighs 2 pounds 6 ounces and her growth is perfectly normal; everything is looking really great.
yay, sweet relief.
i think i'm carrying her low, i feel movements way down low in my pelvic region all the time. 
so that might account for the smaller measurement of my belly, and also i think i've grown quite a bit side to side in addition to up and down.
her head is on my right side just up above my belly button. i get lots of movement there too.
even before the scan i was feeling healthy and positive, but it was nice to get reassurance before we head out on our trip.

does this belly look small to you?!

maybe i'll check in from the coffeeshop in fort bragg, and meanwhile...
i hope you all have a beautiful springly week! 

dress: vintage, etsy
silver earrings: borrowed from em
belt: thrifted
bracelet: family heirloom from mama
sandals: thrifted


Still Blooming said…
No need to worrie sweetie, the stars are shining on you. Often with the first baby, mamas don't get too big and you are a petite thing anyway..your belly is the perfect size!
Hey, start feeling for baby to have hiccups:)
Have loads of fun on your trip!!! XOXO
Tina Dawn said…
Have fun. Fort Bragg is a favorite of the Gold Country Girls. It should be great. Look for poppies! Love T
Heidi Ann said…
I LOVE Fort Bragg! And the entire area, Mendocino - please say hello to the ocean for me, Heather - and have a wonderful time!
Celynne said…
That dress is lovely, but it looks gorgeous on you! And I can't get over how amazingly long and awesome your hair is. I hope you have a great trip! Can't wait to hear about it :)
mo marie said…
Yay you're going to the ocean! You're coming to my neck of the woods! If only the road to my place wasn't so swirly, you'd be here in 20 minutes from Fort Bragg... Have the best time out there. The weather is gonna be wonderful this weekend. Do you know Jaime Jensen? She lives at the Stanford Inn in Mendocino and is gardening there. They have a cute restaurant that is vegan and super tasty! A little pricey but super yummy. Lots of love to you. Oh yeah and that dress is AWESOME! what a great find on etsy. <3
anne said…
you look marvelous! not small at all. and hey, small is better than looking huge like i do when i'm pregnant. people always asking if you're having twins or if your due soon when you're only 5 months pregnant. trust me, you don't want none that sh*t dewey! ;D

as you know, i love pockets too and i think once your babe is here you will love them even more.

yes! i would love to talk baby food and in person would be even better! you had asked on my baby hannah post if rita was the one who did hypno birthing, she wasn't. it was my friend maia from my violet moon post (gosh, all sorts of baby posts going on) anyway, she said it was awesome. she was able to easily and effectively work through her labor. she said once she started pushing she could really feel it, but prior to that she was able to treat the pain differently and work with it not against it. also, her labor was very quick, 3-4 hours total. she said she thought the hypno birthing helped her to progress quickly.

i hope you guys have a wonderful getaway enjoying your last months alone together. you will look back and cherish these times!
Teeny said…
You look pregnant indeed, not too small at all. My friend just had her third baby and she is currently in the warm coccoon of babydom that happens during initial will love it and remember it always. Have a lovely time away, Steve and I did that as well before both of ours were born; it's essential! I'm sure I have that same dress favourited on etsy! Unless maybe you bought it! haha, i don't mind though.Your hair is looking luscious and amazing, one of the wonderful side effects of pregnancy! much love .
lorlore said…
Have fun!!! Yes, we Gold Country Girls have lots of memories in Fort Bragg/Mendo area, love it over there!!!! You are looking great!! Keep up the good work!!
Jenna E said…
You are adorable!!
Have a great trip, can't wait to hear about it
Miss Claire said…
Oh you glorious mumma! SO glad to hear that it's all coming along well xx
Lucy said…
One of my favourite places in the world is Howard Creek Ranch, a stunning B&B just north of Westport/Fort Bragg on Hwy 1, surrounded by redwoods and lying close to the beach. It was one of the original West Coast hippie communes when Sonny and Sally moved in in the Sixties, and now they run it, Sonny himself transforming the dilapidated buildings into beautiful themed bedrooms with amazing designs and out-of-this-world woodworking. He is a master craftsman and a one-of-a-kind character. We fell in love with the place as guests, so much so we adapted the route of our big ole' road trip so we could go back a few months later and help them out for a week, cleaning, gardening and wood stacking! You would love it and love them – it definitely has a Moonshine Junkyard kinda vibe! Enjoy your trip! xx
Anonymous said…
I haven't commented in what feels like forever, but I've been reading your posts with such joy. I'm so glad to hear that any wee worries you had have been smoothed and that the little flower is a-bloomin' just as she should.

Wishing you and Darin a beautiful trip!

(p.s. WHAT A DRESS!)

Missa said…
That dress is pregnancy perfection, perfect placement for the applique flower! You look amazing :)

Ah, the weekend must have been so gorgeous up there, hope you two are havin' a blast!

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