social butterfly

i had a nice easter weekend, partly because i'm finally turning back into a social butterfly! (that nesting thing has had me staying home more often than not lately)

addie came to town and we went to check out marmy's new digs.
my mom and her hubby moved into the cutest little cottage close to town with a pretty yard and space for a trampoline for his two daughters! 

it has the most charming screened-in sunporch. the girls want to have slumber parties here during the summer.

my mom has a knack at making a home comfy and pretty. 
her cat, nettie, helps a lot with that too.

some easter eggs made by jack's two daughters. they are age 11 and 14 and very crafty. my stepsisters. wow. (i forget sometimes!)

that night there was a big show down at our favorite local hang out and bar, cozmic cafe. our friend scott's band, san similar played which always draws a crowd. and this time his openers were comprised of other old friends who go waaaay back, sara nelson of prairie dog and rusty miller of jackpot fame, playing with his new bad Lipstick. it was my baby's first rock show!

all the friends were out in full celebratory mode.
martin and em:

addie, dan, grayson...

joey and bridget....

and mikie was in town! which means a lot of wild dancing!

i even got out there and shook my booty (and baby) myself! i was wearing this handmade african batik dress that i found a few days ago at the thrift store. it ties on the sides so it's adjustable, perfect for that ballooning belly! and cottony comfortable enough for a hot dance floor. i was beet red all night.

for the grand finale, scott had emily come up on stage and they performed a duet of that famous gotye song that everyone is so crazy about right now. 

here's joey being proud cause he knows his girl is about to blow everyone away.

em busted out the kimbra part and she was seriously amazing.

the crowd, especially the ladies, literally went WILD! it was quite a moment. i guess it's because she sings the words (in a nice sultry voice) "now and then i think of all the times you screwed me over," and it has some kind of powerful feisty effect on the gals. they were thrusting their arms up and jumping and screaming.

congratulating em afterwards, darin ran up to her and said, "man i wish i was a WOMAN right now!" 

besties. loving life.

and THEN, i went out again! last night we gathered for beers at our local pub and got some zillion lovins!
em was holding him for quite a while and he loved it. 
by the way it is em's birthday today! 24 beautiful years old and soon she will officially be my sister and aunty to my babe. it is a magical year indeed.
i sure love the gal.

hard to believe zill is just about to turn one year old.

he is soooo cute and such a little flirt! likes the ladies but not so much the guys, except his own papa.

i guess you'd like ladies too if your mama was as adorable as elsie!

the owner of the pub, ken, hasn't seen us much lately. he was really excited about our bun in the oven and gifted darin with a special bottle of beer, sanctification from russian river!  totally sour, totally pure, our favorite! i may or may not have had a tiny sip :)

it has been so fun to have migs around. he is such a goof and amber is such a darling good sport.
i'm hoping they get to come home lots this summer.

belly shot.

so that's it for now! just me being proud that i actually still have a social life ;)


anne said…
wow! your mom's porch rules!!! i'd want to sleep out there during the summer too.

your batik dress is really cute. the show looks like it was fun. and the beer...yum!

glad to see you're back to social butterflyin' :D
whit said…
The pictures of you and Mat are darling! When are you due again? We're coming to Cali in July for my little brothers wedding. If there is anyway you think you can squeeze it in we'd love to see you!
Celynne said…
Haha, if you think it's crazy for YOU to have step-sisters that age, imagine what it's like for your mum! It's so awesome that they are able to create themselves a happy family and home like that though, totally, and it looks like their home is definitely a sweet one filled with love and personality. You look SO happy while dancing! :D
AdieSpringB said…
Oh wonders of springtime and family! I had such a great time with you last weekend, and with Mikie visiting yesterday. I miss you guys, and seeing this little soash post makes it moreso! You're sweet lady is so lucky to be born into such a fun fam!
Sailor Purrs said…
Dancing, glowing, happy!
Does somebody by any change know what kind of orange flowered plant is shown on the windowsill?
Teeny said…
Awwwwwwwwwww i had tears in my eyes through this post. You are blooming now! Lovely belly baby that she is. How unusual for you not to be butterflying about as usual, pregnancy makes ladies sacred and mysterious so you're totally allowed to take a break from socialising dear girl. Your night out looks like a really special one. It is so very lovely that you are all so close.
Heather said…
awww so sweet looks like you had a great time ~good times are something we all need to remember to take some time for a cheerful heart is good medicine ~That little blue shrug on over your dress is so adorable You look cute as always ~Love Heather
Violet Folklore said…
So much fun! Oh I wish I had seen Emily's performance. Darin's reaction was totally hilarious. Man, Mikey always brings the goofiness, doesn't he? You are all a bunch of dear darlings and I'm happy to see everyone together!
AdieSpringB said…
Hi Rob,
yes , that is calendula!
Missa said…
Your mom's new place looks so sweet! How amazing is that porch, and it will be so perfect for corralling that little lady of yours once she goes mobile :)

Clover went to so many parties and shows in my belly, I was totally that pregnant lady at the bar (with my glass of water of course!). Glad to see you out shakin' your gorgeous belly on the dance floor, so fun!

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