we both know how suddenly the colors change


my whole outfit was thrifted over the last two weeks....
some of my favorite types of thrift store finds:
vintage tee shirts, old-fashioned hand knit sweaters, comfy mary-jane shoes, and linen sundresses. 
i'm also loving these colors together: mustard, coral and a bit of turquoise.

mmmmmm, texture. texture is something i love love love in all aspects of life, be it food, fashion, photography, friends....

 my little audience:

my baby loves to twirl and dance, sway and twist. she loves the sun.
i got worried for a minute that i don't feel her move enough, reading other pregnant women's blogs who are about as far along as me and say their baby jabs and kicks hard and even hurts them. i told darin, "i think she sleeps a lot" and he answered, "of course she sleeps a lot. she's in a WOMB." he imagines it to be the coziest place on the planet. i think it might get a bit cramped and you'd be curious about the outside world. 
sometimes she gets into a flurry of activity and i giggle away, it just feels so cute!
she's a pretty gentle little creature.

the sky went from dark to sunny to indigo again. the days have been like that. last night i fell asleep to the sound of rain, but today the cats got to roam in the sunshine.
exactly as spring should be. i am so glad to have seasons.

we went for a walk/ride on the bike trail. darin took his bike and i used my own two feet and we met in the middle on the big tall wooden bridge that used to be railroad tracks. as much as i love the bridge i sure wish we had a train to placerville.

looking over the edge, a guy was panning for gold down there:
 here comes my honey!

i walked most of the way in barefeet. as comfortable as my new shoes are, i hadn't ever worn them for so long without socks and they started rubbing my foot raw. it felt great to be barefoot though, and i need to break in my summer feet anyway! 

hope you are enjoying some april showers, sunshine and all the good glowy stuff in between my dears.

totally copied milla and gave my post a lyric from the bowerbirds, mmmm sweet music to my ears.

my outfit:
top: vintage Sears, thrifted $1.50
sweater: vintage, handmade, thrifted $2.00
dress: thrifted, old navy i think, $5
shoes: thrifted, $5
earrings: gift from darin years ago


lasophia said…
Radiating like spring you are. You gathered quite the audience.
theequinebovine said…
That bridge is really great. Where is it at? Im not sure I recognize it. You look beautiful mama!
ZombieLace said…
You are so incredibly gorgeous in those colors with your precious cargo! I am soooo thrilled for you!! And I like how you and your hubby kinda match ;) What a fun lovely day. I felt the sunbeams and happy leaking through my computer screen :)
i love mustard sweaters! you are a doll. my second baby was quiet in the womb. he'd sleep all day and then do a special dance once a day in the late afternoon. i used to poke and prod him to wake up because he'd make me nervous with how quiet he was. he's not quiet anymore! haha! i would drink ice water to get him moving, too. you are still pretty early in the pregnancy, the baby is so small still so you can't feel all the movement. soon you'll be feeling it.
Heather said…
Wonderful colors and great pictures!! Love your new thrifted treasures...I also really love texture and color :) I had not noticed you have any etsy shop, I think I am to busy reading your posts lol! I will have to peek over there:) my daughter was very quiet in my belly as well...sometimes I would shake my belly and say whats going on in there hehehe... Looks like a really great place for a stroll. Hopefully this week I can get out for a hike with the kids. I am looking forward to summer and warm weather :) ~love Heather
fatmoss said…
best cutest outfit. it's like you're cradling your baby in a sunshine womb with those colours !
mmgood said…
hey sweet pea, that belly of yours is growing exponentially! SO beautiful. i love how your outfit matches the dandelions and leaves in the trees. also, your cats are hilarious. and rad. have they noticed you are pregnant or started exhibiting any different behavior? i wonder what they'll think of the baby.

that bridge is amazing! i miss that kind of landscape so much. i could almost feel the pitter pat of your heart as your honey rode up. such love. xo
Tina Dawn said…
I love the photo of you sitting in the grass and rocks with your kitties. Thanks for the pics of the bridge. I haven't been able to walk well since that trail opened up and I want to cross that bridge so badly. Now I need to get into shape so I can do it, you are jump starting me. Love T
anne said…
man that outfit is perfect! i LOVE the colors! the sweater is awesome, my favorite color! and that dress and tee, my goodness, darin is lucky to have you as a wife :D you are just looking more and more beautiful every time i pop over here. i wish pregnancy treated me as good as it treats you.

that walk looks spectacular. the view over the edge is super cool. love it all.
Violet Folklore said…
SO CUTE Heather! I love the silhouette and you are so right on about the amazingness of the colors! What sweet scores. And isn't feeling baby move just the best thing in the entire world ever ever!?
Missa said…
Your hair, the mustard sweater, and talk of your wee gentle creature gave me a flashback to this old outfit shot from FOUR years ago: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23821209@N06/2385576175/ It was this exact time of year too!

I LOVE this color combo. So freaking adorable you are!
wow missa! i love the similarities, and what a little tiny chubby doll is clover?!! maybe i'll have to recreate a mustard-cardigan outfit next spring when my own is about clover's size here :)

i often feel a strange sense of familiarity or nostalgia when wearing or putting together an outfit, like i've seen it somewhere or worn something just like it myself a long time ago but can't remember where or when. the pages of long-gone-time are filled with fun sartorial sister-similarities!
his little Lady said…
oh goodness, i really need to go thrifting! your entire outfit is absolutely gorgeous!!!
and your little baby bump is just so precious!!!
xo TJ
chantilly said…
i love that cardigan, and i have that dress in brown!! i never thought i'd love it so much, but i wear it all. the. time. it looks cute on you :) x
Celynne said…
I really dig that sweater, it looks so cozy and wonderful. You look lovely :) Wish I had nature-y places to break in my own summer feet!

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