Beach Belly: part two of our fort bragg trip

this was my "beach" outfit one day in fort bragg.

i took these photos in front of the little house we stayed in. i'll show you the place in my next post, it was really charming and cozy.

 i thrifted the dress a few weeks ago...
another one of those things i would NEVER have considered until the preggert belly. 
it is not a maternity dress, it's an 80's dress....
horizontal stripes? stretchy slim fit long dress? HA HA, yeah right!
but i have to admit it is one of my favorite looks so far for showing off the belly! 
crazy how that works.

after a pretty little walk past deer grazing in meadows, you come to the lovely historic lighthouse and grounds that been carefully preserved to reflect a hundred years of loving use. sadly, this park is one of the california state parks slated to be closed down.
we need to fight for our beautiful places and heritage!

here is one of the holga-style photos darin took, that's the lighthouse and lighthouse keeper's home.

this is the assistant lighthouse keeper's home. it has been restored to include many features that would have been here in 1909 from the wood floors and brickwork to the kitchenware; so many charming details!

darin took these portraits of me inside the lighthouse keeper's house. i'm daydreaming of course....

stopped by to visit the aquarium exhibit and found a wealth of flotsam and jetsam...

everything inside had the rusty, sandy, old time feeling of shipwrecks and ageless encrusted sea life.
nothing shiny or new here.
just dusty wooden handmade display cases and creatures as old as time.
i felt like gathering up some research notebooks, a cup of coffee and a pipe, and staying awhile ;)

the lighthouse itself, with its beautiful  (revived since 1999) fresnel lens still operating!

after our visit to the lighthouse and a chat with a friendly seal down in the cove, 
we headed to Caspar Beach for some beachcombing and fresh seawater frolics.
the fog had burned off, the sun was shining, the gulls were swooping and merry waves sparkled.
there were divers getting ready to go in, i imagine for sunken treasures from old shipwrecks, or perhaps to collect tidal specimens for the aquarium.

darin was busy scouting out green and blue sea glass....

and juggling light :)

ah how i love our pacific coastline!

i think this baby loved it too!

my outfit:
striped dress: thrifted $6
scarf: thrifted $.50
earrings: made by em
amber necklace: gift from jocelyn
crystal bullet necklace: made by sadie
sandals: free from clothing exchange
straw bag: em's


Nichole said…
i think that first photo of you is my favorite. you have a lot of sunshiney photos that look you're telling me a great, hilarious story, but for some reason, that first one is so lovely!
Andrea said…
looking lovely Heather :) glad to see that pregnancy has not deterred your traveling ways (though I never thought it would). Looks like a fun little trip to the shore!
anne said…
love the dress! i agree that while pregnant i wore all sorts of things that i typically wouldn't wear.

the beach and lighthouse are gorgeous! i wish i could live in that house!
Anonymous said…
Indeed, there seems to be nothing like the Pacific coast, dearling. Between it and you, there's beauty in this whole post.

That dress is absolutely stunning on you, especially with your little passenger. If you've got it, flaunt it. ;)

Missa said…
I adore your beach outfit Heather! Again, you look gorgeous and that dress is the perfect simple comfy show off that belly dress.

Also, wow, the black and white photo darin took of you in front of the window is breathtaking, a framer for sure! You should have a print of that in the nursery :)
Elizabeth said…
Who is the most beautiful Lassie on the beach????? You are beautiful. Oh My God how you are blooming, I have wondered how that belly was doing !!!!!!! its gorgeous, and I totally Love that dress. I was so disorganized when I got pregnant, too young, well I was 26, I felt about 16 in readiness, but it was just towards the end that I started to really get with the bump and the beauty of it all. I loved wearing empire line, with lots of cleavage ( had to make the most of that) and little cardigans, I wore loads of pink tones and lavenders, and long earrings and my hair in plats right round.
Anyway that enough bout me, so delighted to see you are well and enjoying the Light!!!!! It is beautiful light there. xx E
Elizabeth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elizabeth said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Teeny said…
My goodness, has anyone mentioned how much you look like Adie in that blk/wht photo Darin took, where you were happily daydreaming? I tell you, stripes are a pregnant mama's friend. I adored my stripey dresses which accentuated my big belly and boobs. LOVED it. I'm enjoying this trip!
much love Ms h.
Celynne said…
That dress suits you perfectly and it looks great on ya. Too bad about the park being closed, it's so sad that the government doesn't think them valuable enough to keep open when such places are some of our most valuable. Love the shots from inside that old home, reminds me of places I visited when I was little... except there were still people living in those!

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