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changes round here! 

first off, a little someone special is finally officially walking. She's been working on it for a couple months now! This gal takes her sweet time and likes to do things once she is really confident. 
she finds walking to be a supreme delight these days.

she's also quite a social young thing, although that's no change by any means, i am just looking for an excuse to share these photos. the other day oliver came over for a couple hours and on his suggestion both kids got in the playpen. they had a blast bouncing together. 

we also had a late summer bbq with friends, and darin was baby-swarmed. 

but the big change! 

darin started full time work at the Bookery! he is now just on-call at his other work, giving him ample time to focus on our bookstore endeavors. all this is in anticipation for the next couple years when we will hopefully take over half ownership of the shop. we are very excited to try to make this wonderful place that we love become our livelihood and lifestyle. although the next couple years might continue to be a financial struggle, we are pretty much used to that anyway, and now we will know we are hopefully building toward a more stable future.

Nancy and Celia, owners of the Bookery, celebrated 30 years in business right as Darin started working full time. They threw a huge anniversary party Saturday night. Tons of supportive customers and friends showed up, their were flowers galore and treats and live music and of course, books!

Lucy really started walking that night down the bookstore aisles, giving all the party guests and booklovers quite a show!

It was a great party and a nice reminder of what an important little institution this bookstore has become in our town since the early 80s. Darin and I hope to keep it alive for many years to come. So far, despite the changes in technology and internet competition, the Bookery fills a niche here on Main street and has actually done very well even in recent times.

checking out the bookery scrapbook....

We are excited and feel really lucky to have the chance to raise kids here among these crazy labyrinthine shelves of endless books.

I know there are lots of changes going on lately, and that lovely feeling of the turning season starting to revitalize the air around us all. I wish you all loads of happiness in whatever endeavors you're embarking upon!


Missa said…
Amazing news about The Bookery Heather, that's so cool! Congrats! How awesome that Lucie will be growing up among all those bursting shelves :D
that's such a perfect plan for you all! i have been meaning to comment on how sweet it is the way miss lu so intently focuses on her books in the photos you have posted -- clearly the child of book lovers! congrats!
Jenna E said…
yay! Congrats to Darin! I work casually at a bookstore and absolutely love the vibe. We also have a little coffee shop in there to and the customers that come in are always so interesting. It's fun to have adult time. And a big Congrats to Lucy too! Willow isn't sure about the whole walking thing. She takes a few steps here and there. I think her record is 7 steps :p It's so fun to see how proud they are though!
Rachel Weaver said…
2013 has been your year, it sounds like. So many good changes. I'm sending you so much happiness from the East Coast. It'll be no time at all till you have two little girls hiding in those shelfs.
Teeny said…
Hip hip hooray! Of course that is exactly right for you guys! Our lasting impression of Placerville was that it was being lovingly embraced by your generation of peeps, and would continue to be a great town to live in as you all take your place in it. I would've loved to spend more time in the Bookery but was hyper aware of my kids and how they were tired at the time...which meant anything could happen. Geez, Lucinda is a smiley little miss, sweetness. xo
dolly anna said…
WHAAAA???!!! holy harpy, dreams do come true!

another amazing reason to stop at the bookery and pick up a goody every time i'm in town!

just think of your kids growing up in that space. it will be one of their homes. how blessed. how karmic. how divine, to be around that vibrational space of ideas and knowledge and curiosity and new worlds.

you guys, gah, too perfect. money is funny and it don't do a thing to fill up love buckets or paint the skies. i think money shrinks souls and creativities...but i'm prolly preaching to the choir.

look at that lulu. i remember when you had no baby, and this time next year you'll have TWO, mama mia!!

all the seeds you've planted over the years are bursting forth, flowering and fruiting, nourished by your love and passion.

me=inspired. much love!
keep on spreading it!

<3 dolly
anne said…
that sounds so exciting heather! one day i'll visit that magical store :) lucy is so cute walking through the aisles!
Amy Beatty said…
what a happy little mongoose, walking around... who does she think she is. just the cutest thing ever! so happy for you and darin xoxo
Andrea said…
What wonderful news (Lucy walking & the bookstore)! We recently were delighted to find a little local bookstore in town that we had not realized existed before. Looks very much like the Bookery, and carries the most wonderful assortment of books-- including used books! My favorite! I had lost all hope that this sort of bookstore could still survive anymore. Most of the big chains have even closed down in our area. So good to see you Heather :)
Milla said…
Oh my gosh! That's awesome you guys! Dreams coming true, the Beattys and the Coelhos spreading knowledge, words, connection and kindness into the world! I can just see you there among those books, oh your babes will be readers and writers too! I love it! The bookery is hands down one of the most wonderful bookstores I've ever been to and I've been to many, right? LOVE YOU GUYS! We must trade notes on business passing down generations, 'cos we're kinda in the same place right now ;)
Anonymous said…
How wonderful! My boyfriend and I make our livelihood with books, too - I'm an editor and he's a proofreader and part-time online bookseller, and it's really very rewarding to know we're playing a small part in keeping the magic of books alive for years to come. Wherever we go, we always try to seek out the town's independent bookshops – hopefully when we head back to U.S. shores next year, we'll make a pitstop in Placerville and reserve a good amount of time to peruse the shelves of your lovely little Bookery. I just know you guys will be the perfect co-owners! Lucy (long-time reader from the UK) x P.S. I absolutely adored your series of Yellowstone posts – it brought many happy memories back from our last American roadtrip :)
red moon arrow said…
I am so thrilled to hear this news of the Bookery dreams coming true for you guys. Books are so important and I think its so great to see you two taking over that sweet little shop. I always love finding used book stores in cute little towns on my road trip travels and I have to say that the Bookery is just one of the bests out there. I have found so many wonderful treasures there at such great deals. So SO happy for you and the family. What a great addition to Lucy's life and the soon to be sister. I love you guys! Looking forward to hearing more about this wonderful news. Congrats!!!

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