Foxy and Pregnant: Lessons from Friends Number 1, Addie

i've had the pleasure of knowing quite a few pregnant women in my life as of late. i know people always say this, but i really have noticed that these lady friends of mine always seem especially radiant, in possession of some special verve that seems to glow through their very blood and skin. 

but boy do i know now more than ever how hard it can be to maintain your feeling of style, energy, and vivaciousness when your body is growing and changing quickly, not to mention you're pretty darn tired all the time. so i thought i'd so a little inspirational series for myself to remind myself of some of my chic and lovely pregnancy role models over the next couple weeks. all these gals of mine know how to do it up right, how to keep their own unique style while also focusing with grace on growing that baby inside.

i want to start with my brave and amazing sister adrienne, who was pregnant last year of course. she recently began posting on her blog again and tells the whole honest story of her harrowing birth and later struggles with post partum issues, as well as giving a happier glimpse into what her life is like now. i remember her just so vibrant a year ago on her birthday trip to the eastern sierra (so insanely hard to believe that was just one year ago). she was over halfway through her pregnancy and compared to me now, barely showing! looking at the photos reminded me that she gave me back this cute 90's rayon sundress and i need to be wearing it. everyday. look how she is comfortable, cute, and a little bit sassy all at once. brave and proud and ready to tackle those desert mountains she loves so much. 
my lesson, for both wardrobe and life, one must keep a spirit of adventure when one is with child.

a few weeks later on a trip to apple hill. yes, this is what our "fall" often looks like. tank top weather all the way still over here folks. she was good natured about the late dry heat and rocked those white maternity shorts like nobody's business, here and on many other occasions. 

at her dia de los muertos (she called it dia de los vives) themed baby shower she wore black, fittingly on the day after halloween, and boots which became her signature late pregnancy look. i cannot WAIT to start wearing boots again. they balance out a round belly perfectly and look much more supportive than my current daily flipflops.

thanksgiving she wore an adorable 1970's vintage dress with a piece of white yarn tied around as a belt, how cute is that? again with the boots. nice thing about a pregnant belly, you just let it all hang out even when you eat waaaayyyy too much.

and december, her boy would be born about a month later. all through the holidays she was spry, festive and cheery. i plan to be like that this year. we are on very similar seasonal pregnancy schedules, she was due January 9 and I am due on January 4. so watch for some of her same maternity clothes on me come winter. can't wait! the idea of wearing long sleeves right now seems positively otherwordly.

seeing as how it was more than likely the only time she'll be pregnant, i am so glad she had a wonderful experience with it despite the difficulties she endured later with her transition into motherhood. but most of all i am glad that she is feeling so much better now and i am so in love with that amazing little child she created! you can check him out over at her blog. he's a dreamer and a wonderer indeed.

thanks for reading, and if you have tips or ideas for staying snazzy and feeling great during pregnancy or any other time in life, let me know!


Amy Beatty said…
those shorts and those legs are amazing! Ade had always had the cutest styles xo
lorlore said…
I was also due Jan.4 with my son, he decided to be born on Christmas morning, 28 years ago, he just married this summer!!!! Good luck to you!!!!
i had horrible Post Partum Anxiety. i feel your sisters pain and i'm so glad to hear she is feeling better.with my second kid i was way more on top of it and went on meds right away, which saved my whole life. nothing is worse than that feeling.
dolly anna said…
oh my that was one foxy new momma.

i'm glad she has happy memories of her pregnancy, en pupa,
before birth and things GET REAL.

i wish there was a nice indoor pool near you...reducing gravity was the only way to perk me up while girthy with child. and fresh, local produce. :)

i've been thinking about you and your babies...i wonder how big your belly is, i haven't seen it in a while!
Teeny said…
Some ladies just know how to rock their pregnancy bodies....Addie does look foxy. So do you mama! I felt so much sexier with my second pregnancy than my first....not sure if it was the change in hormones as I was having a girl second time around or what. I DID however wear whatever I wanted to. I showed off my bump, wore boots with my stripey dresses and let my locks grow long and lustrous. It was really freeing for me....

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