Like a Summer Thursday (what i wore, week 24)

"her eyes were laughter, her touch divine, 
her face was crystal and she was mine."
(good old Townes)

me and my girl do some serious hanging out these long indian summer days. favorite activities: reading, going to thrift stores, dancing, singing, eating peaches and strawberries and making smoothies, looking through photo albums, pulling everything out from my purse, coloring and trying really hard not to eat the crayons.

since dolly asked, i figured i'd show what my lil pregnant self is looking like this week.

24 weeks pregnant. lucy just turned 14 months old. 

we like popsicles. lime, raspberry, strawberry, coconut, pineapple. we are liking them and licking them well into september because as i've said so many times before. it . is. still. HOT. here.

thus our outfits still revolve around sundresses, both of ours recently thrifted.
i really like that mine has tiny planets and rockets printed on the trim. also pockets. 

on another note, my hair turned straight this pregnancy. it is very thick but doesn't grow fast like hair supposedly does when you're pregnant. and it also seems darker, besides the grays!

right after this we retired lucy's gold sparkly jellies. to wait on a shelf for her baby sister. they are size 6-12 month and her feet finally seem to be growing a bit! all that walking is giving her strong little bear paws.

an unrelated note: i am letting my lawn die this time around, these long dry months just wreak havoc on my water bill, and it is kinda breaking my heart. i like a big fresh green lawn to roam and play upon, in my nice-girl-from-suburbia heart. but this bleached yellow scratchiness fits the season better anyway, so here it is. until the rains come.

"so like a summer thursday
i cry for rain
to come and turn the ground
to green again."

one more outfit shot, just for fun. i wore this crazy 80's jumpsuit the other day, when the temp got down to the (gasp!) low-80's! crazy to think if i were transparent, you'd see a happy, temperature regulated, upside down, or sideways, or roly poly, rollicking frolicking teensy tiniest infant inside that round belly. 
approximately 106 days to go.

outfit deets #1
on me:
sundress: Reef, thrifted; sandals: Blowfish, got on clearance from Delia's years ago; turquoise earrings: gift from Darin

on Lucy:
sundress: Pink Angel, thrifted; gold sandals: Old Navy; diaper cover: thrifted

outfit deets #2
on me:
jumpsuit: vintage MOTHERHOOD, thrifted; goddess pendant: gift from an admirer manymany years ago; crystal pendant: my mom's; earrings: gift from Amy, bought in Yellowstone; sandals:free,  from Becky at a clothing exchange

on Lucy:
pink corduroy sundress: hand me down from our friend juniper


Sadie Rose said…
ummm that jumpsuit is amazing and you are totally rocking it. wowww. that last picture is the best! Lucy is so so so precious, i wish i could hold her! thanks for sharing the stylez and your belly. love it. blessings to you and the fam. x
Tera said…
You guys are so adorable. Lucy is so beautiful as are you, Mama! You look super great in the jumpsuit. Love your hair!
Amanda said…
Both you ladies are so beautiful!
anne said…
lookin' good heather! love the jumpsuit :)
Anonymous said…
That jumpsuit is awesome! And I'm jealous of your rocketed and pocketed dress :)
Milla said…
Every fall, return of the outfit shot ♡
Andrea said…
Heather-- you are beautiful! I don't think I know anyone who can rock an 80s jumpsuit while preggers-- quite like you can :) Love it!
Rachel Weaver said…
yeah, that jumpsuit is awesome. you are so beautiful and pregnancy sure suits you well.
Amy Beatty said…
cutest little hipster family made in heaven! love that you are letting the grass go! its nature and natural. xoxo love those long summer days xoxo
dolly anna said…
your hair is long and straight with this pregnancy? that's interesting!

i LOOOVE seeing your belly. all of these outfits go so perfectly with your cute curvy baby body. vintage MOTHERHOOD? now that's a brand that sweetens with age.

so good to see you and tootie the other day! she and linky really hit it off.

ps---that family pic at the end will go down in history as ... the coolest thing ever....

Most beautiful and adorable pregnant mommy ever! And little Toot, there are no words to describe her cuteness! You are positively glowing honey, (I know an old cliche!) Love you, Marm

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