Spirit of Independence

A celebration of the spirit of independence! 
Now that I can get behind, having an almost-two-year old. In our own little ways we are celebrating independence all the time around here. "No, Toot do." is the constant refrain. This often slows us down (trying to put on undies, climbing into her own carseat, etc) but it makes her so proud to accomplish little things.

We got all gussied up in our reds, whites, and blues because I am ever the sucker for festive attire.
Surprisingly, Polly was the only one who never needed an outfit change all day. Me, I got too hot in that heavy skirt, gorgeous piece of vintage americana finery that it is, and Tootie just gets herself wet with the hose or the little pool all day, clothing bedamned.


Our Lucy's growing independence and take-charge attitude got me thinking about what we are really celebrating here on the fourth of July. An out-and-out act of pure rebellion, the founding fathers setting their forces against their parent country in a violent uprising and severance. It's been a long time since I've studied the revolutionary war, but I think that's pretty much how it went. So let's hope the parent/child metaphor kinda ends there!

Although it does give one pause, considering how we treat our real rebels and activists today....

Anyway, back to my cute family-friendly fourth of July. My mom and her husband Jack hosted a little barbecue in their backyard space. Darin was able to close the shop early (not a busy day in book business) and join us for veggie burgers, mom's famous homemade potato salad and blueberry pie. 

Big baby booty!

Yes, ALL the babies were out in fine display, even sweet funny Scout who has surpassed Polly in size.

Berry lover, berry thief. She ate the whole bowlful of blackberries.

....then moved on to the blueberries.

They're starting to really play together. It is just the sweetest.

My kind of patriots....the conversation often turns to challenges and questions about our culture and government, toss in some rock climbing, pop music, and interpersonal jibes, and you've got the gist.

Meanwhile inside the house, Penelope, Scott's five year old daughter, was leading the babes in rousing rendition of the Frozen songs and intricately designing Polly Pocket playhouses.

We were a little worried that Lucy would be scared of the fireworks this year since she is now leary of the vacuum cleaner and lawn mower noises, but nope. It was dark so I didn't get any photos, but we joined our friends on the hill by the fairgrounds and she plopped right down on Doniella's lap and enjoyed the show, utterly enraptured. Even Polly watched with wide eyes, in between going back and forth between nursing and sleeping. It was a pretty show, and Darin and I resolved that now that we've established they're a hit, we'll have to go every year.

Next morning Emily and I went to work early on our garage sale. It was a fun one, most of our friends from the night before joined us at some point of the morning. We cleared out some junk, made a little cash, handed out cold lemonade, and let the kids go crazy with the toy bin. Lucy was so busy and engaged, she didn't even mind in the slightest parting with some of her many hand-me-downs.

Next night, my brother's family arrived from Utah. Perpetually running late with a hundred or more relatives to fit in on their California trips, we all gathered at dusk and hung out awaiting their momentous arrival.

"it's magic!"

polly and scout believe!

And here they are! Full of sunshine, stories of living on rivers for days on end, sunkissed and wild and so so alive. The kids jumped in the pool and continued swimming into the dark, a first for Lucy. We had ice cream cones and kettle corn and laughed the night away.

quite the reunion!

Matt and Amy finally meet Scout!

So I guess that's pretty much what it's all about. Hope you all had fun-filled weekends full of spirit and joy!


anne said…
looks like good times heather! i love that you are always surrounded by family, friends and babies. what a blessing!
Teeny said…
Those little girls are going to have no end of love and laughter in their lives. Look at all of the light they have already. Encouraging Lucy's independence the way you are is going to help her become such a confident child and woman. Well done fams! x

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