Viva El Cinco

Cinco de Mayo i had a party planned, a little tofu-taco get together for some friends.
But Darin had to work and the morning started out a little rusty; by noon I wasn't even sure how to proceed with preparations and the day. (I'll tell that story another time.) Remember how I said you can never count on anything with two babies under two? Have low expectations, and you'll be pleasantly surprised (or something like that?) Well yeah, that's kinda hard when you are hosting a party and you want to at least have stuff for folks to eat.

Enter, Pops. He came and helped me out all afternoon. He ran errands for me and when he got back he played with Lucy for like three hours while I worked around the house. It's amazing the difference it makes having another able-bodied adult at hand. Thanks pops.

my little senoritas are keeping me hopping these days. the hardest thing about having two babies close together is that you cannot be two people at once, and both need plenty of attention. and you want to give it, and it kind of breaks your heart that you aren't two people at once. (and there are dirty dishes and the tofu's burning, etc.)

More help was on the way: my mom brought over flowers from her garden and a huge tray of Mexican wedding cookies she made. Yum.

Joey and Em brought guacamole, Jorden brought tequila. And Rebecca, party-miracle-worker, came in with heaps of Spanish rice, grilled fajita veggies, a gorgeous fruit platter, a bouquet of drumstick flowers (also called Billy Buttons, so cute) and set to work arranging the table, heating tortillas and just generally making sure things went smoothly. Cause she's rad. She even sets the table with different levels. Things like that.

Here she is: party goddess herself. Rebecca with Scout, who is growing up quick..

It was chillier than expected but I had a moment that I looked around and felt a nice gold glow and thought, this was just what I had in mind. 

Lucy is a blur because she's my toot.

Aesop looking like a dapper old man. Loves frozen peas and black olives.

Some rad dads:

I tend to retreat when I'm having a hard time. I like to socialize when things are going swimmingly. So I need to remember sometimes that when the going gets rough, it pays to have sweet, funny, amazing friends and family around to boost you. Sounds obvious. And yet just that morning I was panicking thinking, how am I going to see everyone tonight. But see them I did, and felt loved, and felt wonderful. 

Whether you are a mother yourself or just HAVE a mother, I am wishing you all a sweet Mother's Day this weekend.


dolly anna said…
yes, you just need to trust that when friends are together it doesn't matter whether the tofu is burned or not! :)that spread looks divine, particularly your momma's cookies. i think this is why people call it "juggling"... it's a circus running here and there with a list of things to do and two babies that don't understand that you need a little time! una fiesta bonita, this last pic of you is gorgeous!
Rachel Weaver said…
you are surrounded by good- good pop, good mama, good friends.i'm so glad someone was there to help you make such an adorable evening.
Tera said…
Love this party! Love the flowers and food and that your two girls have on the cutest lil Mexican dresses xo
Teeny said…
The photos in this post completely represent my thoughts about you....colour, and vivacious and family. I had a great Mother's Day, I did nothing, until the afternoon then it was getting our own home prepared for my family to turn up for our joint Mother's Day pot luck! Kinda stressful organising these things huh! But so good in the end. Loves xo

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