September's Saving Grace #3

...first trip to Apple Hill.

you might remember from all my hill is a meandering network of apple orchards and farms dotting the hills of camino, california just a few minutes up the road. naturally, autumn is peak season and everyone waits for Apple Hill time. it means crisp days, caramel apples, face paint, ponies, crafts, pears, pumpkins, and apple cider. well, besides the crisp days part, september is the month that all that begins!
plus one for september!

we took lucy for her first apple hill excursion last week.

apple hill has many delights that you can indulge in even when it's still hot in september. just pretend it is cool and cloudy and you are wearing a sweater vest.
of course, we shared an apple fritter, they just kill me. we subtly fight over the crusty edges.

darin told me this little hillside used to be a cave when he was a kid. you could go in and order cider at a little stand in there and explore the depths. they must've closed it up before my time, probably some dang liability issue. too bad cause that would be way cool.

sleepy babe and a view of the piney hills.

nursing by hay bales while darin had an apple beer. we thought that would be some homebrewed delicious concoction, unfortunately it turned out to be a shot of cider in a sierra nevada pale ale. not so great.

lucy and i wore our "september dresses." ever since the fiona apple song, way back when i was like 17, i've had this idea in my mind of what a pale september dress should be. for us here, they have to be cool and breezy, but soft and cottony with the muted earthy tones of fall.

hey little apple blossom!

i was putting her amongst the branches and pretending i plucked the prettiest apple from the tree. she was not so amused.

winding country roads and farm stands, orchards and handmade treats and  are the BEST at harvest time. this gives september in placerville mega points. how about you? where do you go for your best reaping? to bake an apple pie with our loot!


lightwood said…
Beautiful! I would love to go to apple hill and that apple fritter thing looks amazing. We're coming into spring/summer here so I'm the opposite wearing lots of reds and whites and florals, yours & Lucy's September dresses are very sweet & earthy she is blossoming into such a pretty girl x
Heather said…
Oh such beautiful pictures you and that sweet Baby!! and Wow that apple fritter looked pretty fantastic!! Darin did look a little protective of it lol!! I would definitely throw down and fight my hubby for one of those lol!!~The apple orchard looks wonderful love all the green in the pictures ~I think I need some apple cider now hehehe ~Love Heather
Andrea said…
What a great pic of a smiley baby Lucy! I agree we should be wearing sweater vests too, but apples are certainly something to celebrate.
Anonymous said…
Heeeee! She's so freakin' cute! Much cuter than any ol' apple blossom.

Loving your idea of the perfect September dress. Yours might be an example I need to follow! ;]

Twinsanity said…
Ladies, you look lovely in your September dresses. What a great idea, now I need a visit to the local thrift stores! Did you get to pick the apples yourself? I love picking apples. Enjoy your pie!
anne said…
your september dresses are adorable!

i usually visit my sister around this time of year and they have tons of orchards in the area. so we usually stop at one to get apples. it always a good time :D
Missa said…
Aw, you and Lucy look so pretty in your September dresses in that soft beautiful dappled apple light! Haha, that pic of Darin with the fritter, he's like "I see you eyein' that crusty edge, don't even think about it..." Too funny.

Apple Hill sounds like an absolute Autumn wonderland! Lucy will grow up with so many wonderful memories of this place :)
i need an apple fritter, stat. you guys are such a lovely little family and she's already so big! happy almost autumn!
Your style is super inspiring! I would love to have your wardrobe. I'm super lucky to get to take my almost 15 month old daughter, Gwen, on her first trip to Apple Hill tomorrow! I grew up in Sacramento, but moved away several years ago, so I'm due for a Carmallow from High Hill ranch. Happy Autumn!

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