September's Saving Grace - #1

i have a confession to make: 
september might be my least favorite month. i mean, really i do find joy in all the months and all the seasons. but september tries my patience. as much as i appreciate that it is a transitional time, i kinda grit my teeth through the hot dry days. while bloggers all over are lauding the approach of's just not very fallish here in my corner of the world because summer lingers on and the landscape gets drier and drier. 
you might remember my longings for rain last year
why do i go a little angsty this time of year?
cause the fancyfree vibe of summer is gone and cause our landscape looks like this:

even the blackberries are all dried up now.

by october, the cooler days and nights will have me craving glasses of red wine and hopefully wrapping myself in quilts to listen to rain falling. i might actually be able to wear a shirt with sleeves from time to time, or shoes. i won't need a whole ice cube tray's worth of ice in my water jar.
and my little baby won't be sweaty and heat rashed every day.

i know, i're thinking, um hello, harvest time? fresh tomatoes? the list could go on and on......
and SO! i propose a week's worth of posts to get me out of my funk and remind myself of what's great this september, besides of course the number one great thing in my life.

i give you.....the first of September's Saving Graces!

Becky's Dad's SWIMMING POOL!
on labor day we all met up for the best swimming in the world. hot dry days can't even touch us here.
we ate fresh pico de gallo made by jorden, and nursed our babies in the shade, and had races across the pool.

we even brought lucy into the water for her first dip, in the hot tub corner because it feels just like the bath. she liked it!

i had my first beer since being pregnant. it was an organic honey basil ale and tasted mighty fine.

a side note: elsie is going to have another boy in december! lucy is ready to have lots of boy playmates :)

everything's fun when these two are scampering around together.

and when you have this little doll in your arms.

so obviously so far my september's not so bad, and wait till you see all the other good stuff to come.
How about you? What's your favorite month, and least favorite? 
and is there something in particular you love about September?


lucy's a mermaid!
ugh, i have the same trepidation as you do about september. i might be able to let go of summer after labor day weekend, except that it stays SO. HOT. around these parts.
that pool is beautiful! what an excellent way to deal with our hot dry norcal dilemma.
Milla said…
wow. I never thought that september could be unpleasant anywhere. It's my favorite month. I'm sorry it sucks for you, but happy that in a typical Heather fashion you have made the best of it. That pool is so pretty. What fun for the water babies! I hope your September just keeps getting better and better.
aww, sweet baby. i remember those hot septembers when i used to live down in the lower regions of california. it's freezing here. i'd love some warmth. i'll try and enjoy my freezing and you try and enjoy your warmth.
Kate said…
Lucy is beautiful :) Congratulations!
beakybird said…
Hurrah for a week's worth of posts :)

September is a welcome break of blue skies and sunshine here in England after the wettest greyest soggiest summer I can remember. It strikes me that we could stand to exchange a little of our rainfall?
Astral Boutique said…
Heather, I just wanted to pop in and say hello and a huge thanks for taking the time to write your whole birth story. I just caught up on your blog for the past hour and I am SO touched and amazed.... and just so grateful that you put, and are putting, all of this down in words. I never in my life dreamed of having a baby, and I never quite understood what it was like for people who do dream of it, but you have made me Get It for the first time. And I am so so so so sooooooooo happy for you- words cannot express. I am just in love with little Lucy, and I can see how safe and loved she feels in every single photo here. I am so glad there are parents like you raising the next generation of good folks for this planet. Thank you for all of it. Tons and tons and tons of love to you. xo S
What Astral Boutique said! You, along with my sister who dreams of babies, are making me get it too :)

Your September sounds like my February. Weary and tiresome and just done with the heat (or in my case, cold). So I know how you feel.

September up in Canada means leaves turning color, being able to wear layers again, enjoying more mugs of tea or soup - and that which I love the most - fall suppers....
Andrea said…
Ohhh, I love this idea Heather! I can't wait to read it. That sounds a bit like our month of May-- although its dreadfully hot here too and I'm really jealous that everyone else gets to see Fall :( My coping mechanism of late is to just pretend its not that hot and go on drinking pumpkin spice coffee like its not 95 degrees and 100% humidity.

Isn't baby Lucy V. getting as big and as adorable as ever? She looks more and more like Mama each day!
Heather said…
Well I am kind of smitten on September it's the month I was born in...but ugh It is way to hot!! It has been 100 here everyday and I am still having issues with my skin so I can't be in the heat at all. I really want to be out hiking and having fun outside but I am kind of stuck inside. I am looking forward to November that is when it truly cools down here so for now it is keeping cool inside and dreaming of hot cider ~Your little girl is adorable great pictures ~Love Heather
Teeny said…
You've been missed! September....not my favourite month but as we're upside down, it is a promising month. The sun is out and it is so windy we can hang our washing outdoors now. Everything is in blossom...but the wind, well, it gets a bit tooooooooooo much. I remember when I lived in Australia, where it is also mega-hot,it isn't like you wait for Autumn/Fall, you're just waiting for Winter, you just WISH for a storm that brings rain.. as Fall isn't too far different than Summer. I look forward to more of your Saving grace posts. Lucy IS a doll. xo
Teeny said…
oh and least favourite? Probably straddling July and August, end of Jul, beginning of August, winter seems interminably long by then. It's so cold, and so dark. And the washing is never dry.
Janet said…
Congratulations on your sweet baby! Yes, i really like September.. since my birthday is in 2 days, on the 13th. :) :) But, my very favorite month is October, for that is when it finally starts to cool down here.. nice Autumn weather!! We have had such a terribly hot and humid summer, here, as well. That swimming pool is beautiful and looks as though it was such a nice relief for ya'll!!! janet
Violet Folklore said…
Organic honey basil ale! Yay!!

Aww yeah, raise that girl to be a little water baby. She's SO precious Heather. It kills me that I haven't met her yet.

And yes, that does indeed appear to be the best pool ever! What an awesome thing to have access to. And look at all your lovely friends and those beautiful children...

But yes, I know what you're saying in your other post about how hard September is 'round here. Indian summer blah. Give me October now, please.

Kimberly said…
So cute!!! I love seeing Darin holding Lucy too. Hope to see you soon. :)

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