Tuesdays in my Town - Apple Hill

How fun to be back to my regularly scheduled "Tuesdays in my Town!"
This week I'll show you a place that has probably popped up on my blog many times before.
But we'll make it official...I give you...APPLE HILL!
Darin and I went up on Friday. We thought that didn't count as a weekend and wouldn't be too crowded.
We were wrong.
There were schoolbuses, tour buses, crowds galore. We are spoiled since Apple Hill is so nearby, so we avoid the crowds at all costs.
But we won't let that stop us from getting our apples:
and more apples!
This is High Hill Ranch, the most popular and busiest of all of Apple Hill.
I can't resist stopping by because their caramel is buttery and their fritters are just plain delish.
But the truth is, all the ranches in Apple Hill are good and if the only time you can make it up is a weekend, I recommend checking out one of the smaller ones.

see, the neighboring pumpkin patch was even sold out!
Everything was super cute and festive though, and they have lots of homemade goodies for sale.
Just the way fall and harvest time should be!

My infamous fritter.
All kinds of weird, wonky, wonderful appley treats.
There is face painting, tons of craft stands, pie, cider, fudge, pony rides, pumpkin patch, fish pond, picnic tables...all the goods for an old fashioned family fall day.

but what i love best are the orchards.

people come from all over to reap the fruits of these orchards.
i feel lucky to live in a place where good things grow freely and abundantly: grapes (wine), nuts, apples, cherries, berries, tomatoes, figs, melons, christmas trees, and everything in between.
 now if we can treat that wonderful bountiful land with utmost respect...then all is well indeed.

now, looks like it's pie baking time!


Bee said…
mmmm. apples. you looked perfectly fall in the orchard.
Cel said…
That's great! There are quite a few orchards not far from my house, but I have to admit to being guilty and not having made it out there yet. Then again, October in Ontario isn't as apple friendly as it is in California either ;)
Amy Beatty said…
I'm so hating you right now. I'm jealous to the core. I need that fritter!!!! Those are the best in the whole world. I miss Placerville the most when fall comes, mostly because of Apple Hill, it is really hard not to be able to go there.
Nicky said…
Thanks for posting on Apple Hill. I'll have to show my Mama since we didn't make it up there! It looks like a fun time- and I love your orchard outfit :D
Heidi Ann said…
Oh, Heather - I love Apple Hill SO much! My high school sweetheart lived on an apple ranch up there, so it is a place very near and dear to my heart. His 93 year-old father still lives in the same house. I am certain my sisters and I will head up there next time I come to Placerville - and no, not on a weekend! I know what you mean.
Ashley said…
Heather! Eric and I went up on a Tuesday and there were mannnyyyyy field trips happening. We bought apples at High hill and they were all mealy- super bummer. But since then we have been buying apples from Zach and Karas ranch (the guy I work with that you guys met at Jack Russel I think). Its called Smokey Ridge Ranch (right up from Boeger).They have the BEST apples, and they have chestnuts- the best part is Kara just started making sandwiches. She has a pumpkin goat cheese fig one that is delish!
Just thought Id share their gem of a ranch with yas! xoxo
Missa said…
Ha! That fritter photo is hilarious and now you've got me craving one big time.
You've just gave me a hankering for apple pie. Lovely pics.

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