Rainy Day Pirate Lass

first off, i made a little rainy day mix you can listen to here if you'd like.

now folks, i am taking a break from my regularly scheduled southwest road trip posts to bring you a little slice of clothing life over here in the land of moonshine junkyard.

new garment bliss from last night's girly clothing swap.

last night  becky had a clothing exchange. i had worked at the bookstore until almost 9:30 p.m; we stayed open late for a downtown "art and wine" stroll that kept the place hopping. i was sweaty and tired, but headed over anyway with six or seven big bags of clothes filling my backseat. which just maybe might have contained some men's underwear, don't ask.
the girls were winding down from a lot of swapping but my arrival brought a new wave of outfit enthusiasm.

 and now, today it's raining (first time in forever) and i get to stay cozy all day in my new corduroy purple pirate girl trousers!

 i'm in heaven cause i had mama's homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies for breakfast and now my friend billy and i are watching the rain.

i got the cap from the clothing exchange too. i have all sorts of new goodies. because i arrived so late, i just sort of swooped up a bunch of random stuff and today i have been trying it all on. i think i got two favorite new skirts, which i'll show you when the weather inevitably turns hot and sunny again.
but about the trousers: it's kinda funny, because bellisimama over at bonfire of my vanity had just yesterday inspired me to want some wide leg 40s style pants in this post. next thing i know, a cute pair throws itself in my lap! now, i know i have short legs and generous hips and should probably not be risking the cropped baggy look. but i just don't care. i am comfy and warm and frisky in these bad boys. darin thinks i look like an old fashioned miner lady. so it's all good.

i even scored some new socks.

time to cozy up with a good book.

because although i should be unpacking (yep still haven't) how could i distrub this cutie?

wishing you all a glorious october afternoon, wherever you are!
(back tomorrow with more southwest.)


Cel said…
Those pants look so comfy and fun! :)
Anna said…
Those pants are great!! And that velvet jacket looks amazing! I love clothing swaps, it's so fun to give unwanted clothing new life.
Teenysparkles said…
Oh, I like your rainy day mix, and the clothing shots. Those pants look good on you! Clothing swaps are the best. Maybe I should host one around here? hmmmmm.
Mel said…
You look so cute in your new pants. Never thought I like so wide-leg-trousers. But It looks super great on you :)

Like the new colours of your blog. Is this your kitty and whats its name?

Must remember myself to cook with pumpkins. Didn't do it yet this year.

xo, Mel

hi mel, thank you and yes he is my kitty and his name is billy-the-kid. he is the best little cat in the whole world and i absolutely adore him as you can see! i have three other cats too. and love them all ridiculously.
bellisimama said…
i was just about to say that i could never pull those pants off and look half as ridiculously adorable as you look. seriously, you look so great in those!
Wow, you scored some truly lovely pieces! Can't wait to see more of the delicious velvet jacket.

The weather in Northern Cal has been so fickle lately. Yesterday was fun, like "ooh, it's raining, let's play dress up!" Glad to see you are having fun with it, too.
anne said…
i've still never been part of a clothing exchange. it seems pretty darn fun! your new pants are rad! can't wait to see the rest of your treasures ;D
i'm off to read about your trip!
Missa said…
Argh matey! Clover has a little pirate costume and that's what she says when she wears it, haha. You so rock the purple pirate pants!

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