the Bee's Knees

the lovely and inspiring Bellisimama "Bee" from Bonfire of my Vanity, sent me a sweet package in the mail!

with flowy blouses...

rad books....

and a goddess pendant.

all perfect little items to help enjoy a fall day outside with my rambunctious cats.

feeling very goddessy in this slinky golden blouse, which is perfect because it came from a powerfully goddessy woman! i once took an african-caribbean dance class and learned about orishas, powerful dieties from ancient Yoruba spiritual practices.

we each chose a diety that we resonated with and did a presentation about him/her.

mine was Oshun, goddess of love, fertility, sensuality, sex, beauty, and the river.
sounds like someone we know, huh?!

our teacher told us to pay special attention to items that are gifted to us. i realized that often people give me things that are yellow or golden, the color that is associated with Oshun. she also loves mirrors, peacock feathers (my earrings i wore with this blouse before i even remembered about Oshun!) pumpkins, and honey. some of my very favorite things. especially in October.

and playfulness!

happy day to you all!


Bee said…
oh good! it fits you great. i saw it and thought of you. sorry it took SO.LONG. to get to you. thanks for the compliments, sweetie!
Amy Beatty said…
Heather, I love everything about you. You are sunshine!
Celia said…
You are beautiful! I love your outfit and your kitty cats.....looks like you were having a fantastic day!
Teenysparkles said…
Oshun! Sounds divine and yes you are definitely invoking her today. I see from your pics that it isn't quite chilly there yet; we need to swap our seasons as it is still a bit chilly That blouse looks beautiful on you btw.
Missa said…
I know a woman who named her daughter Oshun! Sweet package indeed, and that's so interesting about paying attention to the things people gift us.

Nicole of flaming hag folkwear and I are doing a swap and I'm in the middle of putting together her package. Blog sister swaps are so much fun, we should do one sometime :)

Oh, and that's so funny that you said that about the scarecrow lady's dress because you are exactly who I thought of the first time I saw it!
Nicky said…
What a fun package to receive, your flowy top is adorable! I'll have to pay more attention to things people gift now :D

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