Master and Everyone

Bonnie Prince Billy at The Center for the Arts Grass Valley CA 10-26-10 from heather beatty on Vimeo.

the other night i got to go see the master himself, mister bonnie prince billy.
we have loved him for years and darin and i saw him play teeny bar shows a few times back in 2002-2003, but lately every time he comes around northern cali his shows sell out really quickly or they are in undesirably big venues.

not this time! he played right over the river and through the woods, in magical little grass valley where my sister used to live. at the center for the arts downtown, with the loveliest little crowd.
there is even a cat who hangs out for the shows.

i dressed up in bright colors because b.p.b makes me realllly cheerful.

hanging out afterwards at the nevada club, listening the tunes bonnie played on the juke.

what a show! i highly recommend it if he and his wonderful entourage comes to your area.

oh how he makes my heart soar.
oh take it, oh take me, oh take it so easy!

plus, i got to hang out with


Mamushka Marie said…
awesome! love bonnie prince billie! so, so, so good!
Bee said…
you look like you had fun!
Leora said…
I was there, it was so so so fantastic!!!
Kelsie Lynn said…
Ohh dig that music yes! with that sweet female harmony. yes.

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