Autumn Shop Update

Feeling a little bit witchy, a little bit preppy, I struck out with my hub today to do an Etsy photo shoot.

I have about a million things to list after my ramblings around the countryside,
so I am really trying to get on the ball over here.
Rainy days make movie nights and cat snuggling seem much more appealing that shop updating...
but we had fun. And I've started listing away...check it out if you like.
And I adore being able to dress fallish...sundresses have lost their luster by this point.

Now off to drink some wine and watch some episodes of Big Love.
By the way, happy weekend! I never usually say that because for me weekends are no different from weekdays...but tomorrow I've got a pre-Halloween party and some rainy-day-cozy-bookstore work lined up, how's about you?


Bee said…
look at that itty bitty waist!!!
Tina Dawn said…
Great photos. Love the apples! Every day Rich brings in a few from our trees, we only have 4 small trees, but the apples are crinkle-your-cheeks good. I thought I might have seen you last Monday at Chili Bar on your bike? I was driving past in a dirty (always!) green car. Your fall skirt with the orange is lovely. Love T
Andrea said…
you two make great models! those are also some great looking apples! i've loved your travel series too though :)
welcome back, welcome back. I need to go visit your etsy shop.
Nicky said…
AHHHH!! I can't believe you work at Mels!!! We walked up the 49 to some estate sale (that road is SO STEEP). The town is super cute and made me think once again... I don't know why I'm not living closer to a "down town" place like that where you can take guests to walk around and get drinks, food, and some great antiqes :D What a beautiful place to live and the weather was lovely! I heard apple hill was all the rage, but too crowded for words that weekend, so we skipped it! A wonderful trip indeed! :D
Cute shop updates! I love that your hubby is so involved with it! Mine thinks I should be a millionaire by now with all the time spent blogging, estate sale-ing and shop updating (he's got a good point)!
Missa said…
That purpley floral skirt is GORGEOUS. Lucas would never in a million years do a photo shoot with me, you are a lucky etsy lady ;)

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