...and then i left again

came home, worked for a few days, went to a wonderful dinner party sunday night and promptly decided to hitch a ride with my sis and her hub to moab utah for the week.

oh glorious desert days.

despite art's pervasive fear of being too hot and uncomfortable and possibly dying while hiking in the desert, (dez as we call it) even he had to admit to having a little fun. check them out, addie and art, the sassiest couple in town:

our hostel, where we had a tiny cozy cabin, was rad. the Lazy Lizard: a little bit rickety and ramshackle but cozy, clean and cute as hell.

the three gossips. gorgeous ladies of the desert keeping watch on that dynamic land and all its situations.

filming a music video in the desert. those are the spectacles (or "windows) behind me but the top got chopped off so you can't really tell. most of the hikes i did barefoot in the softest red sand. amazing.

something about the desert....as edward abbey says, for me is "holier than a church." coming face to face with that kind of stark brave beauty of earth, sand, stone, wind: you are at once part of something elemental and universal.

I leave you with Abbey's beautiful words about paradox and bedrock:

“I am here not only to evade for a while the clamor and filth and confusion of the cultural apparatus but also to confront, immediately and directly if it’s possible, the bare bones of existence, the elemental and fundamental, the bedrock which sustains us. I want to be able to look at and into a juniper tree, a piece of quartz, a vulture, a spider, and see it as it is in itself, devoid of all humanly ascribed qualities, anti-Kantian, even the categories of scientific description. To meet God or Medusa face to face, even if it means risking everything human in myself. I dream of a hard and brutal mysticism in which the naked self merges with a nonhuman world and yet somehow survives still intact, individual, separate. Paradox and bedrock.”


Amy Beatty said…
You guys had such a good time!! I love all the beauty there. It is just so over whelming- red rock right in your face. I think it is really easy to fall in love with it. Your heart just gets baked right into the ground there.
what an exciting fire-breathing trip. i love your blog dearly. it's a very specialized form of knowledge that we internet lizards are very blessed to have.
mooncowboy said…
I never commented on this one before. But I'm glad, so glad for the desert (dez) love and appreciation around here! Always mindblowing. I also love your Abbey quotes. You recall them so readily, so appropriately. Holier than a church! Glorious desert days!

There is always more time for these things.

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