everyone's getting lucky

as everyone settles in for the fall and winter, there are two adorable new little treehouse (as Em calls them) love nests in placerville.

first off, joey and emily's little above-Main-Street wonderhome cost them hours upon hours of elbow greased effort but the outcome was certainly worth it. check the beattytopia blog soon for the upcoming full story of the process that led to this comfort and beauty: complete with adorable kittens:and immediately upon entering their own placerville househunt, these lovebirds stan and lesley also found THE PERFECT place for them tucked away in a cozy neighborhood off Spring Street:complete with adorable kitchen (i couldn't resist):
meanwhile, housing/living changes are happening all over the place.
addie and art will be moving back to grass valley later in the fall but for a little while they're gonna come hitch their wagon here at our hitching post.
dad is moving into addie and art's little madcap garden paradise.
mikie and candice are moving to LA (?) to hopefully hitch their wagon to a lucky star.
mom, darin and i are the only ones staying put in our respective houses (for now).


Amy Beatty said…
I can't wait to come see everyones houses in person!!! It all looks so adorable. No place like home!!

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