got a husband or a boyfriend?

or are you in fact a man? then i HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to check out the new additions to my etsy shop. (See sidebar to the right)

I am now selling vintage clothes for MEN!

and it is so exciting to make my reluctant spouse pose for these photos!

here's a sneak preview:

c'mon honey you can do better than that!

take a look.

i am pretty proud!


Amy Beatty said…
What!! But he looks so good in Pink!!! I'm not joking!!
yeah, he does look great in pink. it's actually my favorite color on him. thankfully he has another that is just as dashing in almost the same color that fits a little better. but yeah, we kept looking at the photos going, uh maybe you should keep that...
by the way amy, i need you to come model more clothes for me!
boots said…
thats awesome girl! i can't believe he doesn't want to keep those for himself. you guys are too cute.

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