camping with the in-laws

My dashing brother-in-law, the up and coming semi professional skateboarder SINJIN SAVAGE (with a name like that how could you not be famous???) just turned 18. Here he is in the handsome new shirt we got him for his birthday.

We celebrated the occasion at Woodward Reservoir near Oakdale California.

Now I adore and cherish my in-laws. But this "camping" experience was not exactly to my taste. I'm talking setting up our tent on pure DIRT littered with cigarette butts and broken glass. I'm talking rowdy drunk dudes arriving at 11 pm and puking LOUDLY at 3 am. I'm talking gangster rap blasting and dogs snarling at each other. I'm talking sheriffs coming and kicking some people out for having sex in the women's restroom. Not kidding.
Am I a camping snob? Maybe. I guess I've been spoiled by real nature/camping/backpacking trips into pristine wilderness protected by vigilant rangers. No one seemed to care about following so-called "rules" here. Also, I hear it's much worse in July and August. It was crowded enough for me in September.
Okay, enough complaining. It was actually an interesting experience and I like to be open to anything. Besides, most of the time I spent doing this:
(which I must admit was relaxing and I finished The Crossing which blew me away)
The best part was getting to do things I never usually indulge in such as.....WATER SPORTS.
Here I am out on Darin's aunt and uncle's boat with his adorable little cousin, Mackie.

And of course Darin, my hottie hub and the love of my life:

So it turned out to actually be a pretty good way to end the summer.

Anyone got plans for the Equinox?


Amy Beatty said…
WOW!! SO crazy. But all your pictures scream summer fun. You and Darin are the best looking couple.
boots said…
summer fun! woot woot, you look so gorg.
naomi megan. said…
this is awesome! plus, water sports? such a fun summer!


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