Welcome Fall...sort of

Well, it's officially here. That is, ONLY officially. As for weather, well, it's obviously far from it: still about 30 degrees too hot. Looks like sundress weather continues on indefinitely.

BUT....that does not mean that good old Apple Hill isn't waiting and ready with all kinds of delicious goods. Caramel apples, fritters, pears, fudge, honey, crafts, Halloween decorations, ornaments, candles, handmade soap, kettle corn, wreaths, pies, pony rides.
Oh beautiful, oh sweet delights of all my fallish memories.
Who could ever resist this place?

Naturally, Addie and I made a little jaunt up there yesterday to celebrate the equinox.

My ultimate weakness: the homemade apple fritter. (ok, one of many weaknesses...)

I also got giant delicious organic peaches and a huge bag of pears for $.64. That's right, folks...SIXTY FOUR CENTS for eight pears. Plus a huge variety of nice crispy tart apples just the way I like em.
Apple Hill, thanks for making me feel like I can start to daydream of delicious fall evenings. That doesn't take away the fact that I have to look through last year's photos of autumn to believe it's ever really gonna come.


Amy Beatty said…
Oh man. That fritter looks way too good. I miss Apple Hill so much this time of year. That is one of the reasons I think we have fully decided to come for Thanksgiving!
boots said…
HOLY MOLY that looks sooooo good! and you look so awesome. its the size of your head!

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