Games and Genders

Need to entertain some dudes?

Whip out the old Nintedo system. I'm talking the 1980s version. They will be glued, I promise.
Apparently it never gets old. And in fact will keep them busy for HOURS UPON HOURS.

But as for us girls and our cats, we've got something else in mind...
give us the Office trivia game:

and we'll be quite content on fall eves.


Amy Beatty said…
Looks fun!! looks like you got a new chair in the corner too!
dude you are too observant amy! i wish i was more like that! sure enough, we got a new chair and dumped the old flowered couch which was ripped to shreds. you can't tell in the pics but the living room is a little more spacious now. this is darin's cozy chair...he picked it out at the thrift store.

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