desert ramblins - pt 1

so begins our mountain sojourn, past the wild and untamed lands of the high alpine sierra nevadas...
we crossed to the eastern side.
and made it to our desert campsite before dark, hooray!
just in time to make dinner by lamplight.
addie made her speciality: pasta with browned butter and mizithra cheese with fresh tomatoes and green olives:
and we feasted accordingly.
the boys got a roaring fire going and we had lively storytelling the rest of the eve.
as well as playing with some freaky/ghostly long exposure shots darin set up:
next morning light at Independence Creek:
but first things first, really, a jaunt to Lone Pine for coffee:
a dusty lil town with vintage americana pride abounding.

coffee by a community garden in a desert town is her dream birthday morning.

and then on to a tiny little local thrift shop.
when you check out, the lady just eyes your loot and puts a nice low price on it, "three dollars please," or whatever. my kinda thrifting.
art loves thrift stores possibly even more than me.
a cowgirl's life for ade!

so much more to come: weird old ghost town artifacts, rusty junk, profusions of desert flowers, the haunting remains of Manzanar a Japanese internment camp from the 40s, and then the glorious peaks of Whitney and lakes of Mammoth....stay tuned friends!


bellisimama said…
i am so jealous! i've always wanted to do a southwest road trip. i am also jealous of your boots. i so want a pair of fringe mocs. i got your package a few days ago!!! thank you so so so much! i loved the shirt. i have a post about it coming up in the next few days. have fun on your road trip, and if you get a chance, email me your address again, because i have something for you. my baby ate your address off the package.
Andrea said…
Hi! Glad to see you too! I've sorely missed & needed some of your moonshinejunkyard visual distractions.

I'm excited to follow and glad to see you're still up to old tricks :)
Amy Beatty said…
FUn birthday trip. I have also missed your blogging. Glad your back and had such a jolly time. Little cafes, thrift shops and camping in new places all sounds so fun. LOVE all the pictures.
Heidi Ann said…
Looks like SO much fun, including the thrift stops, of course!! And I really think I need to try that pasta - not sure whether I should try without a "recipe" - maybe I could get close. Or, I wonder if Addie would be willing to share a recipe? I'm sure it tastes better when you're camping, though - everything does, right?
Milla said…
Woo, I'm excited. I'd be envious, but at least we can experience it all vicariously through you.
Safe journeys.
Vicci said…
Your trip looks amazing, I am longing for summer like you wouldn't believe!
AdieSpringB said…
Oh bun, it was my dream birthday morning! I loved this trip so! You are SOOO lucky you get to go on a LONG southwest trip in 3 weeks!
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh, I love your AIM button!

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