desert ramblin el final - mammoth bonanza

we finally made it up the mountain to mammoth brewery, one of addie and art's main trip destinations.
did some tasting...and it did not disappoint.
my favorite was an IPA called "395" for the little highway that runs down the entire backside of the Sierras.
it is flavored with mountain juniper and desert sage from all along the little journey we had been on.
here is our nice beer pourer, who we saw later at an outdoor music event.
each couple filled a growler...mmmmm....
got dressed for dinner (art helped me pick my outfit, choosing this dress over either of my two grunge floral options...he's like gagging over the 90s look!)
addie chose to eat her birthday dinner at a local favorite called angel's.
most people go for ribs and steak; we went for sweet potato fries and black bean nachos, yum!
i like this pic of us cause darin's eyes are so green!
(and he's holding the lid to my chapstick, which i have never heard from again after this moment)
after dinner we went to an outdoor bluegrass concert at a venue called sam's woodsite. it was fun with a hella 90's vibe with a bunch of off-season snowboarders dancing about and wolf dogs and dreadlocks and more mammoth brews on tap.
and paper tablecloths for drawing...

we stayed at the coziest little mountain inn called sierra nevada lodge.
darin and i tried to go in the hot tub when we got back friday night. there were like three teenage boys in there, so we were all, that's cool. next thing you know, the entire jv football team as well as the varsity girls' volleyball team from a different school joined us.
we were suddenly surrounded by 30 teens in the hot tub.
we took our chance and absconded. i heard a kid ask if we were "someone's parents?"
we'll take these old fogeys anyday.
saturday's outfit
mammoth is a resort town. although that is totally NOT our style, it was kinda fun to stay in a lodge with a mountainy vibe like some kind of swiss chalet.
we got fresh baked pastries at Schat's, a world-famous bakery that we remembered coming to as kids on our way up to the mountains from southern california.
and then onward to the real glory of mammoth!
good bye beautiful mountains! nice to know you're there and never too far away.

by the way, friends, my billy is feeling muuuucccchhh better and i have proof on my scritchy-scratched-up hand. thanks for the sweet well wishes.


Teenysparkles said…
LOL being someone's parents! My friend confessed the other day that a shop attendant assumed she was her 19 yo sisters friend is only 34! You guys always have the best trips. And so glad Billy is better.
Vicci said…
Glad to hear your kitten is better, he is sooooooo cute!Saturdays dress is lovely by the way, it fits you so well :-)
olivia rae said…
wow! what an amazing trip!! everything looks like so much fun.. i'm craving beautiful mountains right now. also love your pretty dresses! xo
Andrea said…
Hello lovely lady! Your travel posts are always so beautifully photographed and witty in their descriptions. I love the hot tub story-- got to love getting old :)

PS: I also hope the kitty is feeling better. He's just too adorable for words. Today is that kind of morning where I'd love to cuddle with him, a cup of tea and a good book!
bellisimama said…
1. giiiiirl, your man is hot!(us, portugese people be looking good. it's not our fault, it's just the genes)
2. uhhh, so are you. and i know i've said it before, but omg you have the best hair ever. ever. ever ever.
3. man, do i want to go to those mountains.
i've loved going on this trip with you in spirit. thanks for sharing with us.
Cel said…
Good news about your kitty!

Hahaha... that's way too many teenagers! I'd have been running for the hills too.

And maybe you don't love that dress, but I think it looks great on you, and that lovely yellow sweater is so bright and cheery!

That last photo is absolutely gorgeous. When I wind up places like that, I just want to sit and admire it all day and never leave!
Heidi Ann said…
I'm so glad Billy is better!
And your patchwork sundress is SO cute!
Thanks for all the sweet comments!

And Cel, whoops, my bad...I didn't mean that I wasn't into my dress, I meant that Art wasn't into the 90's style choices! Once again, a guy not really "getting" what I call style, haha. I do love my little rust-colored 70's number and was actually happy that's the one he chose for me to wear. Thanks for your sweet compliments!
Amy Beatty said…
I also loved the dress that arty pick out for you. I have never been there, it is so pretty! You luckies. Plus I love that birthday girl in her cut-offs and pig tails! Fun trip.

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