aaaannnnnddd it's here!

first official Dark River music video!

featuring darin, joey, emily, jorden and jamie...and some camera work by yours truly.
enjoy. i am loving it on this first autumn eve.

Fancy Ghost by DARK RIVER from Cinema Caldera on Vimeo.

happy full moon and equinox to you all!


Teenysparkles said…
oh. my. g. I love it! Too much! Too much! Too much! This is such a hauntingly beautiful splendidly awesome tune. AND great video work Heather. So, where can I buy their album....?! Much love!
Anonymous said…
This is amazing. Beautiful.
bellisimama said…
well done! i liked it a lot. it made me want to put on a pretty dress and go run around on the rocks and smoke cigarillos. good work guys!
marika said…
How lovely! What talent! You guys live in such a beautiful place. Great work!

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