Solid Stone is Just Sand and Water and a Million Years Gone By

Remember a few weeks ago when my friends and I went camping at Silver Lake for the meteor shower, and I was so excited about it I came home and waxed poetic?

Well Darin, Joey, Emily and I headed (in our van, Isis) back up to the same enchanted spot for an impromptu camping trip and to do some filming for a music video they are making.
This place is called the "Potholes" because the river diverts into these rounded out swimming hole/bowls  while meandering through sheer cliffsides of jutting granite.

Perfect for me, since clambering around on rocks in barefeet is one of my favorite pasttimes.
can you spot me?

from sparkling silver lake to the woodsy forest to these swirling river pools and lonely alpine trees and crazy ancient rock, this place is magical.

perfect for some dramatic scenes, including a water scene with em in full costume:
what a sport!

here i am cleaning off my bloody stubbed toe.
i have to say, this water is the antidote to any ailment.

while the boys share a cigarillo and discuss....
and discuss some more....
em's hands turn alarmingly white due to her reynaud's syndrome.
kinda freaked me out, but she was quite cheerful about it.

camping clothes: i wore a trucker cap, uh....
that's a first for me.

and em sported this adorable polka dot romper.

drying off, the sun set over the mountains and we headed back to build a campfire and cook some food and sip some wine and play some trivia.

oh how i love my tribe and this neck of the woods.

added bonus: this was a trial run for Isis our home on wheels, as we prepare to launch on our Southwest road trip October 1.
She chugged along pretty solidly so Moab, Taos, Tucscon...look out, here we come.


one: you look 10-4 good buddy in that trucker hat.

two: love your friend's romper, and the picture of it with the floral towel.

three: looks like so much fun

four: what's renard's symdrome? and why does it make her hands look like cookie dough?
Kelsie Lynn said…
sounds like a solidly splendid way to spend life m'dear :)
bellisimama said…
wow, what a beautiful place! when i was little we used to do a lot of camping in that area...that reminds me so much of where we would go. the place we went was called board's crossing, i think. does that ring a bell? i haven't been there since i was 7 or so. looks like you had so much fun.
Courtney said…
I can't get over how epic the California landscape is. It's truly breathtaking. Your van sounds wonderful! Being van owners has been great fun for us so far - it's like we're suddenly part of a vintage van club. People nod and wave, or run over and want to know its story. I can't wait to hear more about your Southwest roadtrip adventure.
Milla said…
Ah she walks in beauty. I love your neck of the woods and your tribe, too, thanks for bringing them to us all via the magic of internets.
Cel said…
These places you go look so amazing! It really makes me wish there were places like that around here. Maybe there are though, and I just don't know about 'em, hah.

I love clambering around barefoot on rocks too! So I definitely know where you're coming from there :D
so much beauty (nature, you and friends, creativity at work), it makes me smile.
Missa said…
This place looks amazing! I love that first photo of Emily in the blue dress holding the guitar and how cool is that tree that appears to be growing straight up out of the rock?! Magical indeed :)

I'm sure the video will be awesome. Quite envious of this impending Southwest road trip of yours!

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