8 more days!!!

darin's kickstarter project has only eight days left! if you have $5 or 10 to donate, oh how happy we'd be!
at this point we are thrilled with the generosity the project has already received, but if we don't meet the $1500 goal, we don't get any of the pledged donations.
if at all possible, please help us meet our goal!
we are excited to be researching and telling stories through film based on the complex mythology and dreamscape of the Old West. read more about the whole project here.
i am proud to say i am currently writing episode 4 based on the true story of gambler Charles Cora and his mistress Madame Belle Cora. i will be directing that episode as well.
if you have questions about any of that junk please email me at moonshinejunkyard@gmail.com

incidentally, there are also just 8 days left until we take off on our big southwest journey!
i will definitely keep you posted on those plans.

and here is a wee little video darin and i made of a certain vaudevillian master...mister Sourdough Slim who performed at Poor Red's last week.

Sourdough Slim at Poor Red's from Cinema Caldera on Vimeo.


Cel said…
Oh I wish I could have seen that guy live! I love that sort of music. It reminds me of when I was little and my relatives would all pull out the guitars and banjos and we'd sing dirty old french tunes, haha...

I hope you can get the full funding! You certainly have my support :)
Mel said…
Great music!
Big southwest journey sound exciting. How long will it take?

xo, Mel
bellisimama said…
good luck! i hope you guys make the cut off date. what an amazing idea! and i am SO JEALOUS of your southwest trip. i loooove the southwest.
i have a package for you just sitting here waiting for you home address. email me at brigitfraga@yahoo.com!

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