the making of a music video...

the other day we went out to a field in the woods at becky's dad's property to make a good old-fashioned music video.

darin directs.

i run around being a dork.
it's a tough job but someone's gotta do it.

and the musicians are as follows:
joey, songwriter, guitar, vocs.
emily, vocs:
darin, bass (didn't get a pic of him playing though)
jamie, trumpet.
and jorden, drums.

darin is working on editing the video and i hope to be able to post it tomorrow, cross my fingers! it is so beautiful and cool, the previews i've seen are KILLING me! my hub is a talented director and the song, called "fancy ghost" is so haunting.

it was fun being out in the country with the dogs.
jorden and becky's dogs, tilly and dakota.
good pals.

it was also the day we got to see the first ultrasound pics of baby mingle!
proud parents jorden and becky share a sweet moment:

my legs got all covered with some sticky substance from the sweet smelling drying grasses of this land.
i have no idea what it was, but i liked the dirty nature-girl feel of it and i smelled like sage all eve.

it's a regular hootenanny round these parts!


Leora said…
AMAZING! That looks so fun!!!
Tina Dawn said…
I am looking forward to seeing the video and hearing the song. I swear I could smell the sage while I read your post. Love T
Tina Dawn said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cel said…
That's so cool! Your husband really is talented. :) I do hope you can post the video, I'd like to see and hear it!
bellisimama said…
oooh, so fun. i am so envious of you guys having all this fun being creative and collaborating with all of each others talents. i miss that sort of thing. someday i'll have time again! can't wait to see the video. i have some stuff for you, i need to get my butt to the post office...soon, soon. you emailed me your address, yes?
Amy Beatty said…
Oh... this looks like it is going to be AWESOME!!!! Anything with all of you and the great outdoors.

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