Billy's Blues (and belated Tuesday in my Town and some outfits)

well folks, sorry i've been m.i.a since my last post about our Eastern Sierra trip.
our little Billy boy got suddenly and abruptly sick and was having trouble walking.
needless to say, we freaked out.
the vet couldn't find any wound or injury but definitely noticed that Billy is limping, favoring both his front left and back right paws, oddly. he also had a very high fever and so we got him on antibiotics.
he has to watch all the fun from a distance, poor little trooper. there is nothing he loves more than playing, and for now he's a bit on the sidelines.
there's always the trusty measuring tape, though, for some fun.
so we're keeping things mellow around here for the baby and showering him with more love than one could think humanly possible toward a kitten. i am proud to say.

meanwhile, here's a funny outfit i wore the other day when we went down to joey and emily's to take photos in the alley by their house.
darin was like, ummmm, "this......
.....whole area...just makes me uncomfortable?"
tall crotches and so forth, i think he doesn't really get the high-waisted belted look.
oh and i know i said i never wear shorts. but i just thrifted these lavender ones and kinda like em. it's kind of my more pastelly feminine approach to the early 80s desert ranger lady look.

course i llloooovvee this blouse that you've seen before which was a gift from sara of forestlass in turkey!

oh and by the way, isn't j and e's house adorable.

it's actually a tiny apartment right above main street in placerville, looking across at the old hardware store.
and it is also right upstairs from the Oldtown Grill, the place I was planning to feature for Tuesdays in my Town this week but I'm late due to kitten emergencies.

I'll show you anyway.

It's a cute little lunch-only cafe with what I've been told are "the best burgers in the world."
I am much more excited, of course, about the awesome VEGGIE BURGERS.
They call it the "Earthburger" and it has the most incredible black bean patty.

Another cool thing is, they have old yearbooks from our local high school where both Darin and I attended, El Dorado High.

for your perusal and enjoyment before lunch.

old-fashioned p'ville!
see the Blue Bell Coffee Shop? that is now home of the Bookery, my work!
these next photos refuse to upload correctly but i had to show you anyway.
1951 styles are amazing.

and right next to all this is the brick alley where i love taking photos.
especially of goofballs!

and pretties...

okay friends. that's my odd mish-mash for today, and off to work i go!
and wish my baby boy luck as he recovers....


Cel said…
Aww, I hope your little fella gets better soon. My own cat is finally asleep and calm after having spent all morning and afternoon rushing around like a furry tornado.

Is that a little romper your sister is wearing? It's super cute, whatever it is!
Heidi Ann said…
I hope Billy Boy gets better VERY soon - I know how it is to have a sick kitty, and we don't like it one little bit.
I love your lavender shorts and lovely gifted blouse.
And I really think I need to eat at the Old Town Grill next time I'm in town! I just gave Tina an old (1960) Riffle for her birthday last month! We love them, too - my favorite part is the pictures of businesses back in the day.
Amy Beatty said…
Poor little kitty such a cutie. Your photo shoot looked so fun. You all are so cheerful and beautiful even Darin. I love old towns, photos. And a great place to eat. Love these posts xoxo
Teenysparkles said…
Sorry to hear about your kitty being unwell....interweb love being sent his way! Also, big haha! from me, re Darins comment about your shorts; don't you love a man who isn't afraid to tell you what he really thinks!? i usually get.... "uh, um, I'm not sure about that?"
Missa said…
Oh no, poor Billy the kitten :(
I'm sorry to hear he hasn't been well. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

Darin's reaction to your outfit, which is lovely btw, made me giggle because I've gotten that EXACT reaction from Lucas for the exact same reason. He's not always down with the mom jeans, you know.

I am sooo craving one of those Earthburgers right now, it looks so yummy. mmmm...

The old local yearbooks are such a fun idea too and that alley really does make for cool photo perspective.

Sending healthy thoughts out to lil' Billy :)
Mel said…
Awww, I love your great pictures.
Hopefully little Bily is getting right better now...such a cute little critter <3

Anonymous said…
Oh no :( I hope Billy feels better soon! Lots of love and healing energy from me and the kitties.

Also, you totally rock that top :)
Courtney said…
Oh poor kitten! Hope he's better asap. It's so hard when animals get sick or hurt, but I'm sure with lots of love he'll be healthy soon.

I love your moon cycle flags, by the way. I've never seen them anywhere before! Where did you find them?
Milla said…
Awww, poor Billy. So many lovins to him. Kissa was sick with a kitten cold for a while, and the cat-ibiotics really cleared up, thank goodness. I hope Billy recovers fully and soon.

Ps. Menfolk do not fully get the high-waisters. C.'s favorite statement about my clothes is something like "That's nice. But of course you're gonna ruin it with a belt now..."

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