speaking of bros....

my brother mikie was visiting for a few days so we had a "back-to-school" photo shoot.
we wanted it to be dorkily frolicsome like some ridiculous abercrombie and fitch ad.
just 3 best friends on the first day of their college classes...
having both my brothers along was a total riot.
the boys could not stop being astoundingly over the top.
mikie was my lighting guy and looooved making cameos in the shots.
the feeling of early fall in the air was perfect just up the road at Apple Hill.
joey even did his happy dance.
mikie was actually a really natural model (of course, the little devil...) and i am proud of this 1986 alabama concert tee shirt i will soon be listing in the shop.
whereas joey fell in love with this one (used to be our uncle's shirt) and decided to keep it.
juggling fools.
more ridiculousness.
and i even did a bit of modeling myself.
all in all, a wonderful day in a gorgeous setting...
and i'll be listing all this stuff in my shop tomorrow/friday so keep checking in.

final note: there's nothing in the world so fun as brothers!
(okay, and sisters too.)


Amy Beatty said…
these are so awesome. how fun you get to just hang out with the family xoxo I just got the record that matches mikies shirt for 99 cents on my last date. I think I need the shirt to go with it :)
Courtney said…
I love your great big family. You all seem to have so much fun together! Those boots are making my heart skip a beat, and these photos are so perfectly autumnal. Makes me want to bundle up for a crisp outdoor romp soon.
Anonymous said…
You've got some handsome brothers, girl! *cough* Mikie especially *cough*
Missa said…
Ok, whoever came up with the idea to do a "dorkily frolicsome" Abercrombie spoof shoot is totally brilliant and you and your whole family are absolutely adorable! To use one of Clover's little phrases: Oh what fun!

p.s. I love that little sweater you're wearing.
this is the coolest foto shoot i have ever seen. there were a few of mikie that i had to double take; he looked so much like matt. cute outfits, awesome pictures..... so much fun!
Kelsie Lynn said…
what the cute! (your brothers are spunks)

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