hey hey hey my little sack of sugar
ho ho ho my little sack of sweet
hey hey hey my pretty little angel
pretty pretty pretty i could eat your feet.

hey hey hey my little honey bunny
ho ho ho my little turtledove
hee hee hee, my little sack of taters
so pretty pretty pretty i could eat your nose.

here's my girls hanging out with cousin Scout.

Lucy is at an age now where she is in love with music. She wants to hear certain songs over and over. She's been like this for a long time but now she really picks out certain lyrics and even tries to sing along. She loves pop music and the Rio soundtrack, she loves when I sing her songs from my own childhood (Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree ...) and she loves to hear other kids' voices singing classic tunes like Twinkle Twinkle. She points to the floor next to her and tells me to "Dance! Dance!" and has started shouting out moves: "Kick! Kick! Twirl! Twirl!"

Hey hey hey, my tootsie wootsie
wrangle, tangle, dangle and my honey in a tree
Ho ho ho, my butterfly fritter
So pretty pretty pretty I could eat your nose.

We visited Grandma Cherie in Reno. My two girls with my mom and grandma, warms my heart:

So I have been collecting a few CDs of children's music. So far I have the following albums:
Tumble Bee: Laura Veirs
 Catch the Moon : Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell
and some preschool songs by the Kiboomers I got from itunes, and a rad mix cd a friend made me when Lucy was born. 

We have been loving all this music and sing along to most of the songs. Lucy's favorites include "Little Red Caboose" and the "Stop and Go" song on the Lisa Loeb album, which has little kids voices shouting out stop, go, dance, reach, etc. She gets really relaxed (Polly does too!) to the song "Prairie Lullaby" on the Laura Veirs album; also "All the Pretty Little Horses."  She loves "Old MacDonald had a Farm" and "Baa Baa Black Sheep." Things with funny sounds, animals, and actions (jumping, monkeys falling off the bed, etc...) thrill her.
And Darin and I love all the Woody Guthrie songs best of all.

bridge, water, fish, wishing well....these have now been topics for weeks. she loves to retell stories of adventures she's had.

running around the park in folsom:

So all you mamas out there, or dads, or grandmas, or friends, aunties, music lovers and babysitters ....
any recommendations for super fun kids music? or nice lullabies? My favorites tend to be indie type singer-songwriters with nice voices and interesting instrumentation. But even some of the classic kids stuff has proven to be really fun, if only to see Lucy respond so energetically. So I would love tips of any kind!

polly and scout: born one month apart, they like to lay casually by each other and act like they've been hanging out a hundred years....

help me keep these cute little beasties entertained!

and don't forget your dancin' shoes.


Anonymous said…
try this
they're all on youtube. i recommend the turkish, moldavian, azeri, jewish and ukrainian.
Milla said…
Lucy looks just like you when she is smiling!
Rachel Weaver said…
Not For Kids Only and Sgt. Pepper's are some good kid jams.
Missa said…
These were two favorites when Clover was a little thing:

I think you and Darin would enjoy them both too. The Dan Zane one is especially good on road trips in the car. We listened to that one A LOT on our trip up to the San Juans the first time I met Milla. Lots of good memories associated with it :)

Our local public library has a really good CD selection in the kids section so I would get CDs to try there. That's where I originally found these two.
oooh missa, i didn't even think of trying them first at the library! I hope ours has some good kids' cds, and I can't wait to check out these two! Thanks
Anonymous said…
All of Elizabeth Mitchell's albums are wonderful. My little ones also love Caspar Babypants. We've discovered lots of fun stuff at the library, too!
Penny said…
Wonderfully simple, evocative and magic at the same time:

While you're at the library, you might be able to find "Cloud Journeys" which I can't find anywhere and I'm very wistful about that.

my daughter and I listened to these on cassettes until they broke and then bought more.

Also, don't forget the good old Raffi standbys!

We are now singing these songs (an d really ancient ones from mine and my mother's childhoods!!!) to my daughter's 19 month old son.

I agree with Plato: "music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything."

In our sometimes very emotionally energetic toddler world, it can still a brewing tempest and be very healing, besides just being a delightful way to spend a moment or few. (The next best thing to a warm, playful bath!)
Teeny said…
Wow, I remember this time. Both of my children enjoyed with wide open eyes and little faces of astonishment Madame Butterly....calm and enraptured is how I'd describe them. Nursery Rhymes sung (I can't remember the CD's name...probably Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes or something similar), and Sing Along with Putumayo I cannot recommend this one enough!!! Such a cool time in little one's development. xo
Anonymous said…

He's best known for "Down By the Bay" and "Baby Beluga" although he has many, many fun songs

Amy Beatty said…
awww grandma cherie and the girls soo cute!!! love you all xoxox
we always had fun, more rowdy music. I loved and still love dancing around with my wild ones. some of my kids favs were - the terrible twos, if you ever see an owl. Guess its a guy from a band matt liked and the lead singer had a baby and made a album for it. and you got to have some - they might be giants - here come the ABCs. BUt we never would have made it through jaroms first two years without shawn colvin - holiday songs and lullabies. I would stand and rock - slow dance him to sleep everyday for nap time even when I was big and huge with bella and even after she was born. And that was a big boy towards the end :)
dolly anna said…
love these spring time chickies! your post has inspired me to play more kid songs for my kids, because i'm selfish and just listen to what i want to listen to. :) linky is my dancer and singer. i'll be checking out the library, too! we checked out a little french songs cd once at it wasn't too bad. ;)
Anonymous said…
Don't forget about they might be giants, those kid albums they made are l o v e l y <3
Anonymous said…
Oh! & the moldy peaches... they might like that kids are singing on the tracks :)
A 2 year old dancing and singing to music brings a joyful year to my eye. My 2 year old fancies Keller Williams "Kids" album.

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