easy breezy

darin says he thinks this should be lucy's go-to look. 
a little white vintage shift and bare legs. perfect for these 80 degree days, easter eggs in the grass, blowing dandelion seeds, a romp and a swing.

here is our morning routine these days:
darin wakes up first with one or both babies, between 7:30 - 7:45 a.m. 
i stay in bed for one more hour of sleep, stretched out blissfully in bed, and i sleep hard and dream.
then: coffee, breakfast, get the girls dressed, make beds. darin rides his bike to work around 9:45.
then: i nurse polly to sleep for her morning nap and lucy and i go outside by 11:00. i put on music, hang laundry, sweep the patio, play with her, and maybe even read a page or two. 

when polly is awake, anything goes! i might be able to do the breakfast dishes, i might not. but usually we pack it up and go somewhere for a while...lucy falls asleep on the way home from errands, and naps from 2-3:30 or so. polly is always awake during lucy's nap, that's just how it goes. i try to not crave alone time and just enjoy staring into my sweet baby's face and take the chance to give her my undivided attention.

late afternoons are spent outside. we have a snack and draw with chalk on the ground. 
daddy gets home around 5:45 and plays with the babes while i make dinner, or he makes dinner while i nurse polly. lucy likes to stand on a stool at the counter and "help."

they are sweet easy breezy days. i know this time is going to pass too quickly so i am not trying to do much except enjoy springtime with my babes. i told polly today, as i put a clean diaper on her sweet soft little body and she smiled merrily up at me from her changing table: "you're growing so fast. i better not blink!" and she chuckled out loud when i said BLINK. i said it again and again, making it a game and blinking my eyes dramatically and she loved it. she is learning to giggle and make happy loud noises and it just breaks my heart into a million pieces of exploding love.

woodpeckers knocking at the telephone pole,
doves cooing in the pines.
a tiny swish of a soft white dress,
and you laughing with twinkling eyes.


Rachel Weaver said…
First, I sort of want that to be my go-to look too.
Second, how did you make doing morning chores sound so perfect?
Cel said…
Lucy definitely looks adorable in that little dress, an apple from the mama tree for sure. I'm jealous you can frolic outside, there's still snow on the ground here!
Heidi Ann said…
What a lovely post, Heather. Your little girls are as beautiful as their mama.
The girl's outfits are adorable and certainly perfect for these warm Placerville Spring days. The poem at the end of your post sounded delightful!
My toddler absolutely loves to help in the kitchen. She pulls a chair right up to the counter and gets to work, she thouroughly enjoys tearing up the lettuce leaves when we eat salad and greens.
I've tried time and time again to stick to a routine with my little, but time always seams to slip away from me and the schedule goes out the window. I guess it's just important to keep trying. :) Happy Easter to you and yours!
dolly anna said…
the second pic of lucy and the laundry captures spring and country living and the sweetest simplicity! my favorite book as a kid was called 'wash day,' about a country family who hangs the wash out on saturdays and a little girl in a white dress narrates and plays with kittens. i can't say this enough but i am so happy you have two babies. i struggle with sinking into the wild moments, with the temporary smallness and foolish wonder of my small children. tis a practice, my love. and do i practice. you have the purest mother heart, your little family is a golden summer's dream.
anne said…
This is so sweet heather. That dress on Lucy is just too adorable. Things sound pretty nice for your family right now, I'm glad you're soaking in spring and your girls :)
Tera said…
Lucy looks tiny but in the photos with Darin and Polly, Polly looks sooooooo teenie! What joy with two tiny people :)

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