wabi sabi dreamin

Hey all! If you get a chance, go check out my guest post on wabi-sabi at Rachel's wonderful blog, Our Buzzards. In case you aren't familiar with Rachel, her blog exudes warmth, humor, beauty and vitality. she writes about her rad family and community, her home and adventures, always with energy and thoughtfulness and a beautiful kind of wholeness.

As for this particular series, she's been looking at wabi-sabi in a few different bloggers' approach to house and home. For me this was a compelling subject as our home is not minimal or contemporary or beautiful in the design aesthetic of the popular blogging world. I pondered what our home means to me, what kind of home I'd like for our forever home one day, and what our messes mean to our family. Darin even brought me home a book on wabi-sabi yesterday that i really wish i'd had as I wrote the post! It is a much more historical, cultural, misunderstood, and mysterious concept than I ever grasped. I will probably write more on it later as I learn more.

Anyway, I'd be honored if you'd read the post and I'd love to hear more your perception of wabi-sabi and what it means in your own households.


Rachel Weaver said…
Oh, Heather. You are the best. Thank you again. I've been reading everything I can get my hands on about the subject. I'm so incredibly fascinated about the idea. Your insight was wonderful.
Milla said…
I love all of these posts!
just returned here after reading your guest post to let you know that I think I've fallen a little deeper in love with you.
Amy Beatty said…
awww love!!! miss you all xxoxo

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