a date with this dude...

after a week of lots of work and social engagements every single night, 
saturday me and this weird wacky and wonderful hub of mine decided to opt out of everything else going on.
we absconded from town for a sacramento date.
just like the old days, took us back to the early 2000s when we'd gallivant the streets of midtown at all hours.

 we hit up our favorite theater, the majestic and old fashioned Tower, where the seats are funky and old, the air is warm and sticky, the popcorn is greasy, the bathrooms are pink and everything is just right. we went to finally see the new film by one of our favorite directors, Terrence Malick. darin has been on the edge of his seat to see this one; both of us have literally been waiting for years.
it did not disappoint, oh no no no. have you seen it yet? if so, i really wish we could have a cup of coffee together and rehash it all.
please go see for yourself, o spacious hearts. the Tree of Life. (don't read the review though, just go see it first)
the two old ladies behind us just didn't get it. they were talking at full volume the whole time. some people walked out. i don't know how to explain that.

afterwards, in some kind of rhapsody, we headed across the street to the record store and the bookstore. damn straight that's our kinda date! darin was pleased to purchase a new cinephile magazine and we had the luck to run into our good friend and musical whiz kid michael working at the record store but i struck out on the new bon iver, picking it up later at the Beat instead.

rose crown!

that little corner of town sets a romantic scene, what with the fountain and roses and bicycles and sunlit 1930s theater and all. we lingered til darin got too hungry to keep taking photos.

i really love how the trees make a crazy ascending nest of my hair:

so we headed to our other undying love. zelda's pizza, with the best cornmeal crust pizza in the world.
the lighting was too dim for darin to successfully enjoy his new magazine, but hey, we figured, we'll just talk instead.

and i am very lucky because with darin, that never gets old. never. he is fascinating, good at trivia, a wizard, hilarious and fun. sometimes isn't it so nice to just grab hands and head out into the world together just the two of you? and guess what? that's what we are about to do again! we leave tomorrow morning...it is our four year anniversary and we've got another adventurous getaway up our sleeves! more about that when i return. hope you're having lovely romantic blissful days my dear ones.

my outfit:
headscarf: vintage, thrifted at eco thrift .99
1970s knit dress and peplum blouse: gifted to my mom from a library patron, she in turn gave it to me. it has little plastic rose buttons.
moonstone ring: from sara of forestlass
white feather earrings: etsy
flower necklace: addie's
strappy sandals: thrifted a while back
other head adornments: nature


Teeny said…
Happy Anniversary Heather! and also to that man of yours! It is the most wonderfully cosy and smug feeling to be able to look at one's other and see a long distance ahead, hand in hand of course. I have to tell you that your scarf is.........scarf perfection. You must be up late, it is my bedtime now. Nightynight!
Celynne said…
I'd really like to see the film... too bad the only person I'd have invited to go see it with is gone :(

That sounds like a sweet day for you guys though, sometimes as awesome as friends are, it's cool to just go it as a twosome with your partner.

That dress is absolutely gorgeous on you btw, the shape and colour and everything, but you always look lovely :)

And happy Anniversary!
how fun. love that dress. i wish i could pull off headscarves like that. i just look strange. not adorable like you. glad you had a nice date. you guys are pretty much grossing me out with your cuteness and perfect couple-ness. *wink* don't stop!

hey, i'm not exactly sure when, but i'm probably coming to my mother in laws house in sebastapol again sometime in august...when i find out, i'll let you know the dates, and maybe we could meet somewhere in the middle.
Milla said…
And a Mog-Ur to boot! No but seriously, this little getaway gets a roaring applause from me! You two are the sweetest. We just did a similar thing after dropping off my friends at the airport and headed out to the wilderness in downtown Seattle for beers, pizza, gelato and a movie. Originally, we too had wanted to see the new Malick, but when the opportunity to watch The Cave Of Forgotten Dreams in 3-d no less came up, it won after much debate (Need to see bases, it is amazing. Amber would love it too I'm so sure. I should write a post about it.). We never get to see movies in the cinema and I was so so excited, so frankly it wouldn't have much mattered if we had gone to see Cars 2 ;D

Here's to getaways. Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite coupleses.
Nicky said…
To cute! Looks like you two had some fun galivanting around :D I love the backgrounds coming from your head, they were always a "photo no no" but when you do it on purpose it can get quite creative! :D Happy anniversary you two- hope you have a great trip!
Amy Beatty said…
DUDE! I'm loving this all!! I am going to go and make sure matt and I have this date and then we can double date - in like a week and discus please!!!! I love you guys!! I need to you guys!!! And I'm left wondering where you are right now!!! I know it is great where ever it is. Happy Anniversary my dears xoxoxoxxo

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