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i feel kinda silly posting this. these are just things i am digging right now; this has utterly no bearing on the important stuff of this earth. although i am right now remembering to share a valuable lesson i learned in life (that is to say on saturday after picking up a shift at mel's after a long time of not waitressing)
here it goes: Work at a job where you can dress how you like. if you are wearing what pleases you, you'll be in a much better mood.

here is what pleases me lately:

1. americana:
oh yeah baby, i'm talking about the good old red, white and blue. red white and blue have gotten a bad rap by companies like old navy who print some disgusting cartoony flag on a navy blue polo and now you're supposed to be all patriotic on fourth of july. especially if it has the words "old navy." blech!
now, give me some good old fashioned super soft worn Levi's denim with handmade embroidery and a vintage headscarf and i'll go watch fireworks anyday. i love me a parade too, and pie, baton twirling, cowboy boots, and picnics. when i say i love this country i'm serious and i mean it in the way that mary so beautifully described. this land is my land, this land is your land.

and i'll wear the clothes to prove it! (so long as they're not modern!)

2. pintucks
i hope i am using seamstress terminology correctly when i describe my recent obsession in dress design.
case in point: addie's dress at my mom's wedding. delicate pintucks across the bust make for the most alluring silhouette. especially when embellished by a bit of 60's daisy-chain lace and set against a watercolor blue floral background! seriously, pintucks on everything make the world nicer. what is the metaphorical meaning? all the good things are tucked gently together with the most tenuous of care and holding? i don't know. but it melts my heart.

3. swirly twirly skirts.
duh. i know i've said this a million times. but REALLY...i really really love them. it is nearly impossible to get dressed without putting on a skirt i can twirl in; it's a daily struggle. i want to wear them all summer. if summer ever gets started (supposedly it's coming tomorrow?)
right here is a new one i thrifted at the big western sale at my local hospice store. it has all the ribbon and lace and ric-rac embellishments that i look for in a good twirling skirt.

it's pretty obvs that really i just wanted to show you these pictures. they make me feel good, like a wild woman.

well i am having a lot of trouble uploading photos (this post has taken me, oh, about five hours...) so i'll leave you with my top three. thanks for indulging, and please pray tell, what are your momentary fashion flairs?


Cel said…
Swirly twirly flouncy skirts are the best kind! I'm totally with you there. Love those twirly photos of you!

Right now I have to admit I'm all about the short twirly skirt haha... too bad my leg is all banged up, doh. Good thing I also love long flowy hems, makes me feel like a forest nymph.
Milla said…
You know what Dear One? Screw the serious important stuff! Feeling like you are most yourself is totally the essence of being a person and therefor wearing your wild woman, pioneer girl, traveling gypsy heart on your sleeve is yer right! Nay duty! Thanks for showing it. Love ya babe!
Teeny said…
This was a very cute post. I agree with you more than you can know about having a job where you can wear what you like....what we wear is so much a part of how we feel. I'm glad that I can sit here loving clothes with you. Well, kinda with you, you know what I mean.
Anonymous said…
ASDKF;ALSDKFJWEOIR. You're too cute. I like these posts a lot, with all their light, sweet vibes.

At this exact moment, I'm doing the bathing suite thing. Just came from the shore (trying to get Enya to swim).

Did summer ever get there?? Heehee.
Anonymous said…
i must admit that my june gloom misery is enjoying your company...although i'm surprised to hear it's reaching as far as your neck of the woods...i thought it was a coastal curse.

and MMMM-HMMMM i am feeling you on that red bandana/ soft denim outift. YUM. my fashion flair right now is letting my mess of unkempt, uncut, unwashed mama hair down and enjoy its wild strands, kept in a dramatic messy side part with a barret. i'm calling the style "dry mermaid hair". it may look more like "crazy lady hair" but so far no one has said anything ;)
Amy Beatty said…
Red white and blue are your colors!! And I have to be honest, I have been dreaming of finding a dress like ades, haven't actually looked anywhere. Just stuck in dreamland. You always look amazing! Xo
Clare said…
You're such a pretty, twirly woman. I love the 40's era americana, there's something about women in jeans fixing airplanes with curled hair and lipstick that makes me feel all glowy inside.

Missa said…
Wow Heather! In catching up on all your posts, I feel as though I've been transported to beautiful weddings filled with good people and down-home country charm, rollicking nights out with good friends, yummy beer and amazing music, and the most dreamy tucked away foresty homes (Treehorn has a couple of copies of the Woodstock Homes book, I think I need to add it to my collection STAT)!

By the way, Adie's new place looks incredible, so happy for her and Art, and that's crazy that it's so close to town too, what fun!

And finally I must say that I am diggin these Topsy Turvy Toggery posts to pieces! Loving all your quirky inspirations and Joey's outfit was pure slapdash genius!

As for me, I've been into funky worn thrift store tees lately (I know you love them too!) and my new fave is a vintage Capezio tee with an abstract-y line drawing of a ballerina. The best part is that someone hand-dyed it the most amazing shade of purple!

Thanks for bringing joy to my day with your beautiful self <3
anne said…
fun, fun, fun!
twirly skirts are the best! since i'm not fitting in alot of my clothes :( i've been a bit uninspired as far as clothes go. but i can't wait to wear sundresses, especially my favorite one. hopefully summer isn't over before it fits again.
happy thursday!
Kaylie said…
Love this! I'm glad I'm not the only one with a love of Americana. :)

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