that's what we call it.
an extravaganza.
that's when we all (i'm talking many random folks from our town, old and young, straight-laced and counterculture) get together to view and celebrate the progres of Epic Dust, the western film project that darin and all our comrades are working on.

gunnes abound.
em got this adorable one, the most wearable kind, corset, sleeveless and knee length with pockets mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm, in berkely for like $20.

i wore my lovely blue calico gunne gifted from milla. my dress of heaven!

becky wore mexican embroidery and rachel wore a darling country gal dress passed down from her mama that served as both mama's and her own graduation gown!

all the boys even dresssed up western style...at least as much as we could force them to on this hot sweltering summer evenin'

the two incarnations of billy the kid. joey, and nick.
one a lover, one a killer, and both with a good helping of each.

we had free movie theater popcorn courtesy of adam murphy our friend and editor extraordinaire who is manager of our local movie theater.
matter of fact, that's him over on the right. with darin and jamie ... makin plans, sortin it out, makin it happen!

jamie also directed the coolest, most moving, balinese style shadow puppet play beforehand, based on his short film Riderless and entitled The Story of the Rider. it was so good that we're gonna film it and make it its own episode.

backstage the kids (puppeteers) were hard at work and play as per uze. (maddy and casey, amazing performers)

joey, guitarrist.

enraptured audience, with seats saved for puppeteers. the real reason i love this picture is not only becuase there's a full house but also because oliver is looking over at me :) let's be honest, i want to believe that babydoll has a crush on me.

here's darin with jorden's brother and our dear friend jacob, owner of cozmic cafe for one year now, a local mover and shaker!

whole familes showed up...teammates, support systems, friends, cheerleaders.
we are so happy to show these little films in this community which accepts them (weird as they may seem for some of our elders), loves them and supports us!
this is nick's family....(his little brother jack is in episode 4) 
em's cousin and dear ol' phil...

ashley (her man did the rad illustration bit) and mallory...

nicole (her man aaragon is a shining light at the end of episode 4, and by the way she makes the most beautiful jewelry on earth...)

rachel plays the most luminous Sally Chisum....

and jordan lykins was an exuberant addition to the shoot out scene. is there anything more fun than making western movies with your friends?!

i'm really proud of darin. he's always been an "idea" guy. thinking up random brilliant things constantly and jotting them down in notebooks. poetry, lyrics, scenes, tiny moments of illumination.
this Epic Dust thing....he's taken to the next level and taken our community with him.
i'm proud to be his wife and proud to be a part of the continuing stories of the west!


Amanda said…
Way to go all of you!
Clare said…
I'm so impressed by your guys' ability to pull something like this off. From creative impetus through production, all the way to an event. Good job!

You two are bright, shiny stars.
ashley said…
With every showing of Epic Dust, my heart feels like it is overflowing with love for my friends and our small-town community that supports them! So so incredible, and I cant wait for your episode! At the fair, we saw some painted tiny sets of the old west, and thought it would be cool to do a very short all kids cast episode of epic dust with sets like that...so cute!

Hope to see you tonight, as the sun sets late!
AdieSpringB said…
Awesome bun. I love the old fashioned popcorn cartons. And the shadow play, I can't WAIT to see that! I am sorry I missed it but I am sure I will be around for another! The night looks as though 'twere magical!
Amy Beatty said…
He most def loves you. Look at that little face!!! This night is a dream. I saw this post earlier on my phone but couldn't wait to see it all on the big screen here at home. I needed to totally check out everyones amazing clothes. Joey and Nick sure put a smile on my face. And you ladies are just pure radiant beauty. I love what you say about Darin in the end. I think we all feel that way about ourselves and spouse - great ideas that never get pasted the idea part. I am so happy and proud as well. I know everyone has god given talents but when they are put to good use they turn into pure gold. Love you and Darin and EVERYONE XOXO
Kaylie said…
What an awesome project! Looks like a load of fun. It's so inspiring to see someone make their ideas come to life and share them with their community. Mad props to all you guys.
Celynne said…
That's amazing! I'm so glad this project is going so well for Darin and your gang. That full house is great.

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