one hot sweaty summer night

it was a hot sticky summer evening. the bookstore owners were on vacation so i was working lots of hours and i'd just gotten finished with a sweaty, running-around, book-buying, book-cleaning, stacking and shelving and running errands around town kinda day.

went to visit my hub at work. i am pleased to report that there's an adorable girl kitten living at the shelter that they've tamed and named patches.
darin works at a youth shelter for runaways and at-risk kids but there were no children there that night so i brought him a dvd to watch and visited the kitties...
she looks a little like my bean.
and there goes mama scurrying off, she's shy. and they both have half-size tails!

dressed up in my summertime clothes.

a homemade flower pin from teeny, necklace made for me by my friend mallory: o lucky rosy gifts.

summertime requires skirts with pockets.
for bobbypins, sticks of gum, snippets of rosemary, a treat, a trivia card, or a cube of ice.

after that i was heading solo over to a good-bye party for my friends anthony (papa twan) and livia and baby Lian. affectionately known as the twans (if you've read my blog awhile now you might remember their wedding); they are moving back to germany, livia's home country where she has secured a fabulous teaching job. i'm happy for her mama and family, but sad for us! the shindig was bittersweet but super celebratory.

as soon as i walked up to the coz, this is the sight that greeted me:

my adorable girl kaitlyn, who i've known and loved forever and have had long lovely weepy amazing talks with over the years...secrets and long drives and letters and rambles and sheer love. anyway she has the cutest style and i just had to start snapping close ups of her outfit...those lace shorts! those LEGS!

it kept happening. next appeared the cutest queen of flounce and vintage prettiness, monique.
she has her own shop now (like a real storefront!)

best gunne ever!

chelsea's adorable dress is the surprise of the night. should i give away her secret? i had to know where she found it; the little cups over the boob section reminds me exactly of a dress i had in the early 90s.
welp, it's not from the nineties. it's from cvs! yes, the drugstore, haha!

even the boys were walkin around in their summertime clothes.

people were coming out with hot and sweaty wiggly giggly babies. loud drum music was coming from the open windows upstairs. babies were rocking the mike. dream night!

i finally headed upstairs, greeted by more summer beauties...
jocelyn, bridget and becky in bright array.

and brand new mama elsie in a cutie pie lime green thrifted darling!
i was seriously swooning over all of the free spirited summer attire.

here's the lady of the hour, miss lovely livia herself and her sweet boy lian.
i'll miss these glowing souls!
but now we have a friendly home to visit in ye olde castle country.

it was a perfect summer party, hot and musical, with flowers and bubbles and coolers of beer.

these menfolk have been playing music together for years and years and years. they were in there spontaneously creating an epic jam sesh (excuse my cheesy lingo) that generated even more intense energy and heat.

...while babies were passed around with exuberance!
placerville papas and grandpas:
mamas, aunties, friends.

we're gonna miss this kid.
but it was a perfect send off, just another friendly hot and sweaty neighborhood night!
i hope your june is glorious.

my digs:
tank top: came from my friend mary a hundred years ago
flower pin: made for me especially by teeny
necklace: made for me especially by mallory
earrings: borrowed from my mom
skirt: thrifted at hospice for $2.50
flip flops: reefs from last summer


Teeny said…
My gosh, that skirt is so darling on you! I love it! You make everything you write about come alive in technicolour gorgeousness....I love Summer heat, there is nothing more indulgent than a sweaty summers eve. I'm also in awe of your super stylin friends, and am completely gobsmacked over those pretty lace shorts. Girl, thanks so much for wearing the flower pin, it does look so pretty on you; and for the shoutout. I have worn everything you sent me, twice, thrice, and over again. i just have to get better at photo-ing myself in them, of course they are my new favourite clothes.
Amy Beatty said…
I can't believe they are moving!! What a wonderful get to together to send them off right. Live the shelters new kitty. We are still dying to get one in these parts. Love you lovely
you are such a gorgeous girl! oooh! i love that skirt you are wearing!!! and all the summer dresses, i am dying. DYING. your friend monique looks IDENTICAL to my best friend lori in that picture. lori even makes that face. ha! i'm jealous of sweaty summer nights. i don't miss sweaty summer days, but i do miss the nights. it's always cool here by nighttime.
nikkibit said…
Looks like you are having a lovely summer so far! Love the pocketed skirt on ya :)
Celynne said…
Aww, my boyfriend's favourite cat (out of SEVEN cats!) is named Patches. If this kitten is anything as sweet and loving as his patches, then it must be a lovely kitten indeed.

Holy crow is that a lot of babies. I'm not a baby person, simply because I've never been around little kids EVER, if you can imagine that, I'd probably have been in total baby shock had I been there heehee.
Sailor Purrs said…
My tortie has a half-sized tail, as well. It has a little kink in the center. A cute freak. I love your skirt and that Gunne! Beautiful.
Kerry said…
People of the foothills are so beautiful. What a great generation running round that town. Totally diggin on your pocketed goodness! Take care

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