summer fun with babes and lades

monday night july 27 we had another little backyard bonanza that included cervezas, corn, all sorts of veg dogs and burgs, lovely sunshiney fruit, a game of dress-up in my room with the ladies, and some romps into the pool.

here is some ROIDIC evidence of the night.we even had SYLVAN! he and stormy love each other and i tried to capture them touching noses. but missed. jocelyn and doniella in two dresses from my closet. we all raided my closet and threw on different frocks. ended up with a sort of purply/navy blue theme.
next day, river day. darin accompanied us gals, oh my dear lady friends, to our most beloved river spot out in swansboro. after a nice dusty steep hike down, we were SO READY to be refreshed.

and refreshed we were. in spirit, mind and body. sounds cheesy but i'm sort of not kidding. it had been an emotional night and morning with some argumentative tones running rampant. not with doniella and carolann of course, but between me and my hub and even me and addie.

luckily river love solves all! and little fusses drift right on down and wash away out into the great ocean.

one interesting tidbit about this river trip: i happened to wear an old strapless one-piece that i rather love but which will not stay up. i kept jumping in the water and having to swim about boobs-first...topless and fancy free.
felt good but i was glad to just be secluded with my dear ones!

sheer joy!


Amy Beatty said…
I love that everyone was wearing your dresses. Wish you had a picture of that . Your home is always full of joy. And the river is always so inviting, I can imagine you and your boobies having a wondrous time. I'm sure that helped you and darin forget all of your worries. Love you.

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