Isis on the Highways

This is my youngest dashing brother Joey, aka Fofe, in front of my big black van Isis. It took a lot of work to get this beauty out on the roads again, insured and registered and smogged and all that, and finally here we are starting our trek to Montana in the wee hours of the morning on August 7, 2009. At this point, twenty miles from home meeting up with our caravan partners, I had no idea if Isis would be able to handle this journey. There were seven of us and all our camping and backpacking gear crammed into each nook and cranny.

An hour earlier, back at home, I'd had to go pick up my lovely and crazy sister Addie who was threatening that she wasn't going to come. It was four AM and she was tired and she had too much to pack and she needed a little sisterly encouragement. Feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed, I was up for the challenge and she cheered up quickly and we got her all loaded up into Isis. She snapped this Roid of me packing our goodies into the overflowing van, the first picture of our trip.

Darin and I were the main drivers, having taken Isis around the country a few times before and being used to her quirks, so we got the luxury of the spacious front seats as opposed to....the back of the van, where they were packed in like sardines. Here they are, our wonderful traveling companions whom i love so dearly: Martin in the captain's seat, Addie in front of him, Nick behind him, Stan and Joey in the back, and Emily on the right.

Altogether seventeen of us, yes 17!!!! of us made the long journey up to Glacier National Park.
When we arrived at the motel in Missoula my heart overflowed with gratitude and joy that Isis made it all this long way, her joints and angles all weighted down, her brakes giong out, struggling and huffing and puffing over mountain passes in the Bitterroots, she made it!
Here I am expressing my delight that we made it to Montana! And here's to many more road trips to come in the belly of the whale, our lovely Isis, who also brought us home.


Amy Beatty said…
She is a trooper!! I don't think I got in her once. Does she still have her little pet?
the mouse seemed to have absconded after missoula. left out a packet of oatmeal and it stayed so scampering in the nights we slept in there like sardines. the all-day brake job worked wonders and she now runs like a dream. a little dirty and smelly still though...
mooncowboy said…
such a wonder of a vehicle. she's amazing, and up and ready for more more trips I know it. very cute and sweet blog homage to that great car. i'm enjoying my memories while reading/pondering.

also, i think we definitely need to love/appreciate our vehicles as best we can. we (personally) sometimes get caught up in the audi's deficiencies, but it's one reliable friend so far. plus i love my civic to death. 41 mpg on my last fill up.

we need to name our cars.

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