please come home BANDINI!

we miss our boy so much. he has been missing for three days and nights now and we are worried sick. look at this little orange lump of LOVE!

we ALL love to cuddle with him. he is such a beam of sunshine in our household every day

adventurous explorer, always interested in whatever is going on around him

he tends to fall asleep ANYWHERE

with the new baby kitten...maybe he got jealous but he was sure starting to be sweet to her!

curious always
the BEST snuggler on earth. you've never met a cat who likes to snuzzle like this.


Hoodoo Voodoo said…
WHYYY BANJ!?!?!?! I miss him so much. It sounds so silly, but if he never comes home, I dont know how I will ever be truly and fully happy again. He is my SUNSHINE. I feel like someone ripped my heart out. :(
mooncowboy said…
This post is nearly bringing the tears. Poor little banjo. He really needs, needs, to come home. Maybe he joined our friend of three days last summer known as Whiskey, aka Bandini's little twin brother.

We need a cat or kitten up here posthaste.
Momma said…
I hope and pray your little precious Bandini comes home, my heart breaks for us all...Come home Bandini Boy!

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