the past is a foreign country

My grandparents met as teenagers in the forties in Los Angeles. They were the classic California couple, she a beautiful seaside golden haired mermaid princess and he a impish smiling spry dark skinned boy with glittering green eyes. They fell devastatingly in love and gallivanted around the beaches and photo booths and parks and schoolyards of Southern California together.the adorable Charleen Garn on Easter 1946and the vigorous Fred Spring, 1946they married oh-so young had little Danny in 1946
and my adorable momma, Susan Spring, born in 1951. I think she looks like my nephew Orion here at age two.
Here's Grandma with the babies in a dress she made herself and some sandals I really want. This was taken on July 25, 1952 and she was now sadly separated from my grandfather Fred Spring, who I only met once in my life, and was now living in an apartment above a garage with her babies.
The past turns into the future. Here are Susan and Dan Spring in their early twenties. Everyone says I look like my mom in this photo. Their eyes are haunted but they have blood of sun and water and passion in their veins.


old photos are the best! i have a few that i have here waiting to be scanned and put up! anyhoo, just wanted to let you know that i have tagged you over at my blog. only if you would like, of course!
AdieSpringB said…
I love this so. I always wondered how I got eyebrows and eyes that looked slightly impish when I looked down. The shape...

Now I see in that first photo. My own mother's father is how. Wow. Genetics are crazy. And how I love these roots these ancestors......

Happy Birthday bun. THought I'd dig deep today.

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